Castle Season 6 Medal Moments

Castle Season 6 Medal Moments

Let the Castle games begin! There’s a lot of excitement over some big event happening in Sochi, but these so-called “games” have nothing on the weekly thrills, chills and kills that take place on Castle. We feel some of these memorable events deserve an award. So take a look at our selection of medal moments from Season 6 of Castle

HONORABLE MENTION: A lead in “Get a Clue” sends our favorite crime-fighting couple to an old closed blacksmith shop where a masked man with a sword is waiting. With Beckett checking out the back, Castle must grab a sword to engage in a duel with this stranger. There’s a mighty clash of steel on steel. If only we were celebrating the games of summer when fencing is in season, this would probably be a medal moment, but right now it’s just a lot of fun.


BRONZE MOMENT: Castle first got to know his dad as Jackson in “Hunt.” As Anderson Cross in “Deep Cover,” Papa C secretly tells his son to not blow his cover. Lives are at stake. Beckett says Hunt has been disowned by the CIA for an unauthorized assassination. Castle is at a loss. He’s unsure of what to do next especially once his dad shows up at his front door with a gunshot wound to the gut.


SILVER MOMENT: There were lots of “chill” moments in “Under Fire.” Ryan’s wife is three days past her due date as he and Espo are trapped inside a burning building. Beckett has no choice but to tell Jenny what’s happening as the fire rages on. It’s too dangerous to send in rescue workers even though two of New York’s finest are fighting for their lives. It was a heartbreaking scene when Ryan said goodbye to the love of his life, but the silver prize goes to this moment right here:

Ryan Sees His Baby for the First Time|Jenny introduces their daughter Sarah Grace.|After nearly losing his life, Ryan is reunited with Jenny and gets to meet their new daughter Sarah Grace. Watch this scene from Castle Episode 611: Under Fire.


GOLD MOMENT: When we last left our favorite mystery man and his muse at the end of Season 5, Castle was down on one knee making a little proposal. Beckett is stunned. Her indecision on how to answer the question before her is amplified by the fact that she just got a top job with the Justice Department in DC. That’s cool. Castle isn’t proposing to keep her in New York. He’s proposing because… well, we’ll let Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle explain it all for himself.

Castle and Beckett Get Engaged|It's finally official!|Beckett tells Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle yes after she reveals she got the job in Washington, D.C.


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