Castle-Cap: Season 6 Finale

Castle-Cap: Season 6 Finale

Welcome to Castle-Cap for the Season 6 season finale! Here you’ll find highlights, quotes, insights and more. Feel free to add your own observations in the comments section below. Warning, there may be spoilers here, so flee the scene now if you haven’t watched the episode yet. For those who have, let’s dive into the Castle-Cap for the “For Better or Worse” episode of Castle.

The Big Day is Coming: With less than 72 hours before the ceremony, the wedding guest list comes in at just under 300. The number of copies of Wild Storm Castle must sign before his big day comes in at 500. Castle’s divorce paperwork is in order during the application for a marriage license. Unfortunately, Beckett’s isn’t. Before that, everything was falling into place as you can see here:


Burst Dreams: It seems Beckett is still married to one Rogan O’Leary. It happened during a drunken trip to Vegas that included a cruise into the Drive-Thru of Love. Sounds like a nice place. The hits just keep on coming when Lanie calls to let Beckett know that her wedding dress has been ruined by a burst pipe. The gown is declared DOA. Castle assures Beckett that as bleak as things seem, theirs is still a great love story.


Say Yes to the New Dress: Rogan finally signs the papers. He and Beckett are officially divorced. With everything wrapped up in Willow Creek, Castle and Beckett are off to the Hamptons where a beautiful replacement wedding address awaits. Beckett’s dad found it. It belonged to her mother. Nice.


Weddings Never Start On Time: Castle calls Beckett to say he’s 20 minutes away from the wedding venue. He’ll be there soon. He loves her. Once he hangs up, Castle notices that a car with tinted windows is following him. He becomes extremely nervous as the vehicle pulls beside his. Back at the wedding venue, Beckett is nervous as well. Castle is over an hour late. His phone is going straight to voicemail. Something is terribly wrong.



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