Castle Trivia: The Wedding Challenge

Castle Trivia: The Wedding Challenge

The hot topic throughout all of Season 6 of Castle was the impending marriage of our favorite mystery man and his muse. It’s not easy planning a wedding. There are lots of little details. We’ve put together a little video trivia challenge to see just how much you recall about Castle and Beckett’s big day. Click the clip below each question to see if you’re ready for the wedding!

Challenge #1: In “Valkyrie,” Beckett had an unusual response to Castle’s marriage proposal. After all, she’s just scored the job of a lifetime in Washington, DC. When Beckett asked her brand new fiancé if they were going to make it work, what was Castle’s response?

a. “Time will tell.”  b. “Life is full of challenges.”  c. “We’re gonna be great.”  d. “Always.”


Challenge #2: In “A Murder is Forever,” we learned that Linus, the big lion featured in a painting hanging in Castle’s bedroom, freaked out Beckett on a daily basis. Castle replaced the big cat with what item?

a. Seashells  b. Wine corks  c. Baseballs  d. Bullet shells


Challenge #3: In ”Limelight,” the ever-private Beckett surprised her fiancé by announcing their engagement in the papers. Castle was very happy about this, but he was a tad disappointed there was no mention of having his wedding in which desired venue?

a. Disney World  b. The North Pole  c. Virtual Reality Chambers  d. Space


Challenge #4: In “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Beckett was under the assumption that their wedding song was going to be “Witchcraft” by Frank Sinatra. Castle, however, had planned on it being what top tune from the ‘80s?

a. Super Freak  b. Hungry Like the Wolf  c. Dancing in the Dark  d. Addicted to Love


Challenge #5: In “Law & Boarder,” Castle finally reveals the identity of his best man. Who receives the honor?

a. Esposito  b. Ryan  c. Neither of these fine detectives



How did you do? For those of you who didn’t feel like clicking the clip, here are the answers: 1. c  2. a  3. d  4. c  5. c