13 Things You Need to Know Before the Season 7 Premiere

13 Things You Need to Know Before the Season 7 Premiere

So many twists and turns took place during Season 6 of Castle. We thought it would be a good idea to look back at some of the major events to prep for what’s still to come. Below are 13 things you need to know for Castle Season 7.

#1 Castle and Beckett Got Engaged: At the start of Season 6, Castle was down on one knee making a little proposal. Beckett’s indecision on how to answer the question was amplified by the fact that she just got a top job with the Justice Department in DC. That’s cool. Castle didn’t propose to keep her in New York. It was for another reason altogether.

Castle and Beckett Get Engaged|It's finally official!|Beckett tells Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle yes after she reveals she got the job in Washington, D.C.

#2 In a New York Minute: Everything can change. Castle and Beckett learned that firsthand. Shortly after Castle got an apartment in DC for them to share, Beckett was fired from her job. She was let go because she broke the rules all in the name of protecting the innocent, so it didn’t put much of a blemish on her resume. It also got her back where she belongs—in New York with Castle.

#3 Sending Back the Pi: Castle had trouble accepting the new man in Alexis’s life. His name is Pi and he spent lots of time on Castle’s couch. There was a wedge between father and daughter unlike any we’d seen before when Alexis ultimately moved in with the Pi man. Things didn’t work out. Castle would never say “I told you so” to Alexis. No, he’s the kind of dad who’d just be grateful to have his little girl back in his arms.

#4 A Heartbreaking Goodbye: In “Under Fire,” Ryan and Esposito check set off a booby trap that causes a massive explosion. Ryan’s wife, Jenny, is three days past her due date and in labor. It’s too dangerous to send in rescue workers even though two of New York’s finest are trapped inside. Ryan knows that he has to say goodbye to those he loves most outside.

Ryan Says Goodbye to Jenny|He's afraid he wont make it out of the burning building.|Ryan is afraid he won't make it out of the burning building to be there for his wife and child. Watch this scene from Castle Episode 611: Under Fire.

#5 A Heartwarming Reunion: Okay, maybe that goodbye was a little premature. Ryan and Jenny became proud new parents in Season 6. We’ll see how this dedicated detective deals balances work and family life in Season 7. But for now, break out the tissues. If the above clip didn’t have you misting up, this one will surely release the waterworks.

Ryan Sees His Baby for the First Time|Jenny introduces their daughter Sarah Grace.|After nearly losing his life, Ryan is reunited with Jenny and gets to meet their new daughter Sarah Grace. Watch this scene from Castle Episode 611: Under Fire.

#6 3XK May Still Be Out There: In “Disciple,” Castle and Beckett learned that all of the files on 3XK are missing. Someone forged Esposito’s name to sign them out. Someone posing as Lanie checked out all the medical examiner work on all of the Triple Killer’s victims. It’s like the guy now has a clean slate. A disturbing message leads Castle and Beckett to believe that someday they’ll meet again.

#7 Castle’s Dad is “Definitely” Still Out There: In “Deep Cover,” Castle realizes that his father moved a murder victim’s body into the city so the case would be in Beckett’s jurisdiction. This way he could work his son for information. Beckett suggests that maybe this was his way of getting to see him again. Either way, family reunions aren’t typically this painful.

Castle Treats His Dad's Bullet Wound|This is unfortunately a little more complicated than a game of Operation.|This is unfortunately a little more complicated than a game of Operation. Watch this scene from Castle Episode 612: Deep Cover.

#8 Beckett Still Really Misses Her Mom: In “Dressed to Kill,” Beckett arrives home to find the gift of the wedding dress she wore earlier waiting for her. She heads over to Castle’s place to reveal what’s been bugging her. It’s about her mother. She always thought she’d be there to help plan her big day. She worried she couldn’t do it on her own. She’s not worried anymore.

#9 The Guest List: Castle’s guest list for the wedding has over 400 people on it. Folks like Michael Connelly, Jonathan Kellerman, Wes Craven and Stephen King are just a few of the friends he’s inviting. Still, cuts need to be made. Castle suggests they ax Beckett’s Aunt Theresa. After all, she put a nasty post about him on Facebook. At the end of a long day, Castle and Beckett agree to take one minute only to invite all those who absolutely have to be there. See who made the cut.

#10 Bracken is Brought Down: In “Veritas,” Beckett realizes that her mother hid incriminating tapes against Senator Bracken in the elephant decoration on her desk. She frantically tries to find it as Internal Affairs officers aim their guns at her. The tape falls out. The recording has Bracken speaking of multiple crimes he’s committed and threatening several more. It’s proof that he’s a killer. See Beckett get the justice she’d sought for so many years.

Beckett Arrests Senator Bracken|Beckett finally gets justice for her mother's murder.|Beckett walks straight into Senator Bracken's talk on running for President and arrests him for conspiracy, fraud, and the murder of her mother Johanna Beckett. It's finally over. Watch this scene from Castle Episode 622: Veritas.

#11 Weddings Never Start on Time: Through all the murders, mayhem and unexpected marriages, the big day finally arrived.  Castle called in to say he was 20 minutes away as he noticed that a car with tinted windows following him. Back at the wedding venue, Beckett gets a call. Something has happened.

#12 What Happened to Castle?: This has the makings of one of the most emotional mysteries Detective Kate Beckett has ever tried to solve. The love of her life was on his way to join her in what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. See what happens next in these sneak previews of the Season 7 premiere. 

#13 Never Count Out Caskett: While the fiery scene of the car Castle was driving leads everyone to fear the worst, there’s always hope when it comes to his destiny to forever be with Beckett. After all, they overcame so many obstacles to get to where they are today. Let’s take a look back one more time at just how these two became Caskett then, now, always.

Becoming "Caskett"|See how the mystery man and his muse fell in love.|See how the mystery man and his muse fell in love.