Castle-Cap: The Time of Our Lives

Castle-Cap: The Time of Our Lives

After so many killer cases, so many cups of coffee and so many romantic moments, our favorite mystery man and his muse finally tied the knot. Of course, they had to solve yet another pesky murder in parallel universes before they could finally do the ring thing. Hey, nobody said marriage was easy. Check out the below Castle-Cap for the “The Time of Our Lives” episode of Castle and let the wedding celebration begin!

What If...: Castle and Beckett playfully ponder where they’d be if they hadn’t come into each other’s lives. She believes she’d be captain of her own precinct. He feels he’d be working on his second Pulitzer. Actually, only some of that would’ve been true had our favorite mystery man never met his muse. There would have been other changes as well, some of which Castle does not handle gracefully.

Different Worlds: Castle does research on parallel universes. He finds an image of the ancient Incan artifact he uncovered. He realizes that he needs to help Beckett find this item in order to get back to his real reality. Castle manages to convince his old team that he can be of some use on their case. He may even save a life.

Finally: The case is closed and Castle now knows the reason why he hasn’t been sleeping. He asks Beckett to marry him, as in right now. The stage is set for a wedding in the Hamptons. Castle stands with Alexis and Martha by his side. Beckett is walked down the aisle by her father. They exchange rings. They exchange vows. They share love, and now they share lives.

Always: From this day forward, Richard Castle and Kate Beckett will be each other’s partner in crime and in life. Always. Woo hoo! Congrats! Let’s take a look, one more time, at how these two became Caskett:

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