Castle-Cap: Once Upon a Time in the West

Castle-Cap: Once Upon a Time in the West

Castle and Beckett are finally married! Now all they have to do is break the news to their closest friends, go on their honeymoon and solve yet another pesky murder. Check out the below Castle-Cap for the “Once Upon a Time in the West” episode of Castle and let the post-wedding festivities begin!

The Uninvited: A certain trio of Castle and Beckett’s crime-solving colleagues is a little peeved that they weren’t invited to the wedding that took place in “The Time of Our Lives.” Lanie gets over it quickly, but Ryan and Espo hold a grudge. Castle is smack-dab in the middle of some serious awkwardness until a call comes in about a murder. What luck!

Bar Fight: Castle suggests an undercover operation at an Arizona dude ranch to solve their murder case. He and Beckett pose as honeymooners. The victim used to stay out all night with one of the ranch hands. The guy was married. Beckett looks for clues in a hog-tying class while Castle checks out the town saloon. He finds a married ranch hand named Ollie, who gets ticked when he accuses him of being a cheater.

Quick Draw Mc-Castle: Castle is in the salon with Gentleman James Grady, who is a killer as well as a very quick draw. The two men stare each other down. Their fingers near their respective guns. DRAW! BANG! Who got shot?! Who got shot?!

Snake Peek: This next clip was a sneak peek, but it was so much fun that we thought it deserved a post-peek, too. Castle and Beckett take a break from the case to sit by a fire under the starry Arizona sky. It’s almost like they are on a real honeymoon. Then things go south fast. Beckett stops a sexy striptease to take care of a little problem.

That Great Wedding Scene: Finally, this whole honeymoon-ish episode wouldn’t have been possible with that wedding that took place in “The Time of Our Lives.” So we wanted to take a look at that sweet ceremony again… and again… and again!

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