Castle-Cap: Kill Switch

Castle-Cap: Kill Switch

Castle and Beckett embark on their first case together as husband and wife. A murder investigation spirals into an intense hostage situation in which one their closest colleagues is put in grave danger. Check out the below Castle-Cap for the “Kill Switch” episode of Castle for the highlights of the latest case.

Family Men: A nervous man named Jared Stone hops onto a subway train. Esposito lets Ryan know via phone that he’s followed the guy onto the car. Stone pulls a gun off a transit cop. He orders Espo to drop his weapon. When we jump back to see what led up to this dangerous turn of events, Ryan and Esposito have a genuine conversation about each man’s future as a family man.

What’s in a Name?: With help from transit cop Marisa Aragon, Esposito takes down hostage-taker Jared Stone and neutralizes the bomb threat. Unfortunately, no one can leave the subway car as they may have been exposed to a deadly virus. Esposito is ultimately given a clean bill of health. Officer Marisa Aragon lets him know that he was saying Lanie’s name during the takedown of Stone.

A Hero Returns: Esposito gets hugs from his colleagues upon his triumphant return to the precinct. Lanie, however, also gets a kiss. Castle offers to celebrate this reunion of colleagues and friends by treating everyone to drinks at the Old Haunt. He says they can take the subway along with a few other bad jokes.

When they met it was Murder: This episode’s sneak peek showed the start of Castle and Beckett’s first case together as married partners in crime-solving. He felt this was reminiscent of Hart to Hart. She had another legendary duo in mind.

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