Castle-Cap: Last Action Hero

Castle-Cap: Last Action Hero

Everyone knows that the greatest action heroes to ever grace the silver screen did so during a magical time known as the '80s. There were truly memorble characters like Rambo... Indiana Jones... The Terminator... Dalton from Road House... That last guy coined the phrase "my way or the highway" so we felt he was worth a mention. Lance DeLorca was also a pretty big name in the '80s. Castle was a big fan. He's hit hard when this action hero is murdered in real life. Check out the below Castle-Cap for the “Last Action Hero” episode of Castle for the highlights of the latest case.

The Indestructibles: Action movie star Lance DeLorca is found dead in an alley outside a theater. The murder investigation stalls. This news has action star Brock Harmon inviting Castle out for drinks with The Indestructibles. It’s a dream come true for our favorite mystery writer. It may actually be a nightmare though. It turns out that the group of aging action heroes wants to do some real-life crime-fighting.

He’ll Be Back: The murdered action star needed $200,000 to set something right in order to live up to his onscreen persona. Surveillance footage shows the victim using some nifty hand-to-hand combat moves to take down thugs in an alley. Ryan recognizes Ernest Howe as someone he saw on the film set. The follow up to this lead gives him a chance test out some cool new catchphrases.

Home Is Where the Heart Is: Beckett gets upset when Castle admits that he never liked her apartment. Lanie understands why. To him it’s just a place with creaking floors and noisy neighbors. To her, it is a place where she rebuilt her life and more.

When One Door Closes…: With the case closed, Beckett stops by her apartment one last time. She carves her initials in a post—something to let the world know that Kate Beckett was there. She turns off the light and exits out the door to start the latest new chapter in her life.

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