Castle-Cap: Castle, P.I.

Castle-Cap: Castle, P.I.

Castle has finally changed out of the pajamas he’s been wearing since he got banned from working with the NYPD. He keeps his reason for suiting up a secret from Beckett, who has a murder to tend to anyway. For more information on the case, check out the Castle-Cap for the “Castle, P.I.” episode of Castle below.

If the Gumshoe Fits: Castle embarks on a new venture since he got booted from Beckett's team. Ryan throws out a wild theory to a murder case. Hey, someone has to do it now that Castle’s gone. Or is he? Castle’s back! This time, as a P.I. What will Beckett do?

I’ll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours: Both Castle and Beckett desperately want to work together, but they know it’s just so wrong. They separately try to connect the dots to the clues they have on the case, but a little trade of information works out so much better. Their investigative juices start flowing, so to speak.

The Morning After: Castle learns the hard way that there’s no time for pillow talk when his wife has a murder to solve. He feels so used.

Holmes Is Where the Heart Is: As much as Castle has helped with the case so far, he’s still not allowed to work with the police—officially that is. As for his P.I. career, that’s something he’s looking to continue for a spell. Beckett is more than supportive as evidenced by the special gift she gives him.

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