Castle-Cap: Private Eye Caramba!

Castle-Cap: Private Eye Caramba!

As we saw in “Castle, P.I.,” Castle has become… well… a P.I. That means he’s doing “private investigations” outside of the police force. Think that’ll be enough to keep him away from Beckett? Not a chance. For more information on the case, check out the Castle-Cap for the “Private Eye Caramba!” episode of Castle below.

Oh, the Drama: Castle’s P.I. business isn’t exactly rife with compelling cases. Beckett’s job, however, is full of drama when Anahita “Ana” Menendez is found murdered in the alley outside her apartment building. She was the star of a popular telenovela series. Esposito is a fan of the genre. This is something he just can’t hide.

Pillow Talk: Castle is totally getting into his private eye persona. Beckett is more than willing to dive into his new world. After all, she’s just a girl looking for a private… Well, let’s just say she’s looking for a passionate payoff to a little role-playing fun. She doesn’t get it, first at the office, then again at home.

Give the P.I. Some Props: Ana ditched her purse outside the opera house before she got in the limo. Castle finds it. He realizes the purse isn’t valuable at all. Sofia Del Cordova only wanted the USB drive. She points a gun at Castle demanding that he turn it over. That doesn’t happen.

The Dame of His Dreams: The case closed, but Sofia Del Cordova isn’t going anywhere before Esposito gets an autograph from his favorite telenovela star. As for Castle, his dramatic case ends with a long journey home with the dame of his dreams.

On a Role: Remember how we said both Castle and Beckett were doing a little role playing in the hardboiled world that goes along with being a gumshoe? Well, take a look at just how much they were getting into it in this sneak peek for this episode.

Read the full recap for "Private Eye Caramba!" and see how Castle, Nathan and Stana did at the 2015 People's Choice Awards.

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