Castle-Cap: I, Witness

Castle-Cap: I, Witness

As we saw in “Castle, P.I.,” Castle has become… well… a P.I. That means he’s doing “private investigations” outside of the police force. That also means he's on his own when a deadly situation pops up. For more information on the case, check out the Castle-Cap for the “I, Witness” episode of Castle below.

Work From Home: Castle shines a flashlight through a wooded area at night. A figure emerges from the darkness. THWACK! Castle is knocked unconscious. We jump back 12 hours to see what led to this turn of events. Beckett is looking to work from home. This way she can take a little nap later with her hubby. Castle is up for this. Naps are good.

That’s Great, Kid. Don’t Get Cocky: When Castle comes to, he calls Beckett, who vouches for him to the detective that caught the case. A trip to the Whitfield place finds Cole home alone. He claims Eva left him after finding out he was having an affair. Castle is sure that Cole killed his friend. He’s so sure that he gets a little cocky. Beckett calls him on this.

Match Game: Ryan wants to set up Esposito on a blind date. After all, he and Lanie have parted ways…again. He agrees to meet a stunning young lady. Esposito was having a great time until he figured out his partner’s secret plan.

Sleepless Naps: Castle is upset at how he got played by his latest client. He starts questioning his choice to become a private investigator. Beckett doesn’t want him to make any hasty decisions. Perhaps he should sleep on it. Actually, a nap would be better. Naps are good. See, there’s lots of kissing in the naps these two take.

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