Castle 101: Who Is 3XK?

Castle 101: Who Is 3XK?

The infamous Triple Killer Jerry Tyson is back in Castle Season 7 Episode 14 "Resurrection"... or is he? When Castle and Beckett interrogate Tyson, he claims he's someone else who simply had plastic surgery. Beckett correctly guesses the surgeon is none other than Kelly Nieman (Annie Wersching), who created disturbingly perfect lookalikes of Lanie and Esposito in the episode "Disciple." 

The Beginning
Given the long and twisted history of this serial killer, nothing he does is surprising. He appeared first in the episode "3XK," when Beckett and Castle realized that their latest murder was the work of the infamous Triple Killer, so-called because he murdered three women in one week.


Castle's Catch
Beckett thought they had their man, but he was simply a decoy set up by the real killer: Jerry Tyson (Michael Mosley), who Ryan and Castle had in protective custody. He would have escaped scott free, except that Castle guessed the truth. 


3XK's Revenge
Tyson let Castle live, but got his revenge two years later by expertly framing Castle for a gruesome murder in the episode "Probable Cause." He did such a convincing job, even Beckett was shaken by the overwhelming evidence that Castle was a killer. 


Tyson Taunts Castle
Tyson snuck into jail to taunt Castle that he could never prove his innocence, or that this visit had ever happened.


Is 3XK Dead?
After Castle uncovered proof that Tyson framed him for the murder, Tyson assaulted him and Beckett on a bridge, leading to a shootout where the killer was shot and fell to his supposed death in the water below. Since his body was never recovered, Castle believed it was all part of 3XK's plan to disappear and begin killing again, under a new name. 


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