Castle-Cap: Resurrection

Castle-Cap: Resurrection

As we saw in “Castle, P.I.,” Castle has become… well… a P.I. That means he’s doing “private investigations” outside of the police force. That all changes when a murder arises with ties to a case Castle knows all too well. For more information on the case, check out the Castle-Cap for the “Resurrection” episode of Castle below.

Baby Talk: Castle and Beckett ponder the possibility of having a baby. Another pesky murder cuts the conversation short. A woman, Susan Watts, is found in a dumpster. Lanie believes there’s a connection between this woman and Pam Hodges, the murder victim from Disciple.” The suspect in that case, Dr. Kelly Neiman, has ties to Jerry Tyson, aka “3XK.” Before we get into the case, let’s revisit the baby talk.

Mommy Issues: Tyson claims he doesn’t recognize Castle or Beckett. He’s adamant that his name is Michael Boudreau. With all of Tyson’s case files missing, there’s no way to prove that the man they have in custody is really 3XK. Castle tries to get him to crack by recalling a conversation they had about his mother.

Can’t Fool Castle: Castle mentions his chat with Gretchen, who had claimed that nothing she did could’ve made him into such a monster. Castle doesn’t believe that’s true. He produces a photo of a young Gretchen Cutler. She looked exactly like Susan Watts and Amy Barrett were made to look. Castle knows the man before him is Jerry Tyson.

Returned: Captain Gates steps in to reveal that the DNA from the tooth was not a match. Mike Boudreau is free to leave. He exits while holding hands with Kelly Neiman. It’s at this point that Castle starts to piece together the puzzle of Tyson’s game.

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