Castle-Cap: The Wrong Stuff

Castle-Cap: The Wrong Stuff

With 3XK gone from their lives after the events of "Reckoning," Castle and Beckett look to return to normal. This proves to be a challenge thanks to some overcrowding in the loft. There's also a murder with a crime scene that's simply not of this Earth. For more information on the case, check out the Castle-Cap for the “The Wrong Stuff” episode of Castle below.


Space Issues: Castle is caught off guard when he sees Alexis playing laser tag. She doing so without him and with a guy named David. This young man his wearing Castle’s gear. As disconcerting as that is, Castle is even more thrown by the fact that Martha’s overnight guest, Ben, is wearing his pajamas. Thankfully, there been a totally out of this world murder to take his mind off his bustling home woes.

Suit Up: Tom Richwood was an astronaut who was killed during a simulation for a mission to Mars. Castle is blown away by the mission control setup. This private venture is being funded by Internet billionaire Viggo Jansen. Operations Director Ed Redley says that anyone needing to approach the body needs to wear spacesuits to access the area. Cool!

Can’t Go Home Again: Castle and Beckett take a break from the case to get some rest at home. That’s not going to happen judging by all the noise coming from inside. Nothing to stop them from making out in the hallway though. Well, almost nothing.

It’s Quiet, Too Quiet: With the case closed, Castle and Beckett discuss their mutual attempts to sign up for a chance to go to Mars. They ponder how that when people are stuck together in a small space for a long period of time there’s a tendency to lose perspective. As true as this may be, Castle is taken aback by Martha’s announcement.

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