Castle-Cap: Hong Kong Hustle

Castle-Cap: Hong Kong Hustle

Detective Kate Beckett has always been brimming with confidence. Guess that comes with the territory when you're the top homicide detective in all of New York City. Of course, there's a whole other world outside the Big Apple. Beckett must face some of her own insecurities when she meets a super cop from a far off land. For more details on this, check out the Castle-Cap for the "Hong Kong Hustle" episode of Castle. WARNING: There are spoilers below if you haven't yet watch the episode. Enjoy!

Hong Kong Wronged: Beckett feels as though she’s falling behind career-wise when a former colleague gets a big promotion. Fortunately, there’s been a murder to take her mind off things. Ryan and Esposito find the prime suspect at the victim’s ransacked apartment. Unbelievably, she gets the drop on them.

Suffering by Comparison: Fortunately, the fast-moving lady who swiped the sidearms off of two of New York’s finest is also on the job. Her name is Chief Inspector Zhang of the Hong Kong P.D. Captain Gates suggests Zhang, who is a super cop, work with the NYPD. This presents some challenges for Beckett.

The Marrying Man: Castle hopes his wife isn’t comparing herself to Zhang. He fears Beckett’s girls’ night out will turn into a competition. Ryan and Esposito try to give him some advice on how to handle the situation, but Castle has some experience in these matters as he proudly/oddly states.

Out of Balance: Zhang goes after a suspect solo. She takes down his muscle man at his boxing gym. Beckett arrives in the scene to see that she’s taken out everyone else in the place as well. Nevertheless, Zhang isn’t the super cop Beckett thought she was. Her life is a bit of a mess.

Getting One’s Priorities in Order: Once the case is closed, Beckett wishes Chief Inspector Zhang the best of luck in finding her balance. At home, she writes a list of priorities for her future. Whatever comes next, she never wants to leave behind what matters most. Castle has the perfect response to this sentiment.

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