Castle's Disappearance: Follow the Clues

Castle's Disappearance: Follow the Clues

Coming up on Castle Season 7 Episode 20 Sleeper (Air Date: 04/20/2015), Castle returns to the case of his disappearance when he starts having a mysterious recurring dream. He believes that the outlandish dream is actually a lost memory from the two months when he was missing. Castle and Beckett resume their search for the truth, and with Ryan and Esposito's help, they follow the clues from Castle's dream. But as pieces start to return, Castle begins to question whether he's truly ready for whatever answers they might find.

Sneak Peek: Castle's Memories Return


The Season 7 Premiere: Driven

Castle's Disappearance

It all started on what should have been the happiest day of their lives, their wedding day. For Beckett, it became the day from hell, as she rushed to the scene — still in her wedding dress — to find roaring flames had engulfed Castle's car. Ryan and Esposito's investigation of the crash scene revealed that Castle had been run off the road and dragged from the vehicle by two people. Castle was gone.

The Clues:

#1. Debris on the road from Castle's brake lights. Castle was run off the road. 

#2. Three sets of footprints leading away from Castle's car. Castle was taken.

Watch: Beckett Arrives at the Horrifying Scene of Castle's Crash

Extended Sneak Peek: Premiere Opening|You earned this! Here's the sequence fans unlocked on Twitter.|You earned this! Here's the sequence fans unlocked on Twitter. It's the Season 7 Premiere episode opening when Beckett goes to the crash site. Watch the team start their investigation of what happened in this scene from Episode 1: Driven and don't miss all-new episodes of Castle MONDAY 10|9c.


Castle's Return

Beckett spent two months tirelessly searching for him. She refused to believe Castle left voluntarily, even after surveillance footage seemed to prove he was behind his own kidnapping. Castle finally turned up, found by the Coast Guard floating unconscious in a dinghy floating in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The boat had three bullet holes in it, but Castle had no injuries.

Watch: Castle Is Found Alive, But Unconscious

Castle's Alive|Kate never thought she'd see him again.|Castle has been found! Kate hurries to the hospital, getting details from Ryan and Esposito on her way. Then suddenly she's at his room. She never thought she'd see him again. Now it's time. Watch this beautiful, heartbreaking scene from Castle Season 7 Episode 1: Driven.


The Coast Guard was able to narrow down the dinghy's possible launch location to the coastline from Rhode Island to southern Maine. Ryan and Esposito's investigation uncovers satellite photos that place the boat at a private dock in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The property is owned by a man named Henry Jenkins.

Lanie found a key with the number "38" stamped on it sewn into the lining of Castle's pants. She ran bloodwork on Castle, which showed antibodies for dengue fever, a disease found mainly in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The antibodies indicate Castle was exposed to the virus during the time he was missing. Lanie had one more bombshell to drop: Castle had been shot, but not on the dinghy. His wound was several weeks old, and mostly healed.

Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito find Henry Jenkins in Massachusetts, but he claimed he thought his dinghy had been stolen, and identified Castle as the man who had been camping on a nearby beach. Beckett was stunned to find Castle's watch, shoes, and wedding tuxedo in a tent filled with camping gear on the beach. Tests showed Castle's prints and DNA on the contents of the tent. He was definitely there.

Castle wakes up with no memory of anything after the car crash. He had no idea two months had passed! Beckett started to lose faith in him. Did he walk away from his life by choice?

But Castle and Beckett made a stunning discovery when they returned to Gloucester: Henry Jenkins was an impostor!

Watch: Beckett Takes Castle to Meet Henry Jenkins

Beckett Takes Castle Back for Answers|A wounded Kate gets reason to believe Castle.|Beckett convinced herself that everything that seemed so obvious couldn't possibly be true. But now... Castle tries to convince her that none of this adds up. And then finally there's an undeniable reason for Beckett to believe him. Watch this pivotal scene from Castle Season 7 Episode 1: Driven.


The Clues:

#1. The dinghy Castle was found in.

#2. Three bullet holes in the boat. Castle suffered no serious injuries.

#3. Henry Jenkins. What's his connection to Castle?

#4. The key stamped "38" sewn into the lining of Castle's pants.

#5. Antibodies for dengue fever found in Castle's blood. 

#6. Castle's mostly-healed gunshot wound.

#7. Camping gear and Castle's property and DNA in a tent on the beach in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

#8. Castle has no memory of anything after the crash.

#9. The man who claimed to be Henry Jenkins was an impostor... who is he really?

Season 7 Episode 2: Montreal

Castle, still trying to find answers, went on Good Morning America to offer a $250,000 reward for information on what happened to him during the two months he was gone. His public appeal paid off. A couple spotted Castle in the background of a photo they took in Montreal. The photo showed Castle talking to fake Henry Jenkins outside a bank. He and Alexis headed to Montreal with the "38" key, hoping it fit a safety deposit box at the bank.

Inside Box 38, they found a cache of clues. There are letters Castle didn't remember writing to Beckett, Alexis, and Martha, and goodbye videos he didn't remember recording, to each of the ladies in his life. Back at the precinct, the magic of technology made it possible to identify the building where Castle recorded his videos. Castle returned to Montreal, alone.

What Castle discovered at the building stopped him in his tracks. Fake Henry Jenkins was there with a gun, and warned Castle to stop looking for answers. Castle was the one who wanted to forget!

Watch: Castle Finds More Questions in Montreal


The Clues:

#1. The photo of Castle with fake Henry Jenkins in Montreal.

#2. The safety deposit box of letters and videos from Castle. He has no memory of any of it.

#3. Impostor Henry Jenkins has proof that Castle asked him for help. He knows why Castle really became a mystery writer, something Castle had never told ANYONE.

The more Castle searches for answers, the more it becomes clear that he was actively involved in everything that happened. If the impostor Henry Jenkins is to be believed, Castle asked to forget everything. Does Castle really want to know the truth? Tune into Season 7, Episode 20 "Sleeper" MONDAY APRIL 20 10|9c to see what Castle uncovers when his memories spur him to dig deeper into his own case.


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