Castle Recap: Season 7 Episode 21 Castle Solves the Murder of an Air Marshal on "In Plane Sight"

Castle Recap: Season 7 Episode 21 Castle Solves the Murder of an Air Marshal on "In Plane Sight"

When Air Marshal Kyle Ford goes missing in mid-air, Castle and Alexis are caught up in a first class case of murder. Beckett and the boys work the case from the ground. It’s up to Castle to reconstruct Ford’s movements in the air. For more details, check out the Castle-Cap for Season 7, Episode 21: “In Plane Sight” (air date: 04/27/2015).

LOST Connection: Castle and Alexis are on a plane heading for London. There’s a bit of turbulence on the Oceanic Air flight. Sound familiar, LOST fans? Castle tries to take his mind off this by going over his itinerary. He’s bummed when Alexis reveals that she has plans that don’t involve hearing him speak. Then some really rough shaking cuts short a video-call with Beckett.

Snakes on a Plane: The pilot of the plane tells Castle that the air marshal on the flight, Kyle Ford, reported a security issue before he went missing. There are no police officials onboard to help out, so obviously a mystery writer is the next best thing. Castle does a search of the luggage area where a dead Air Marshal Ford is found shortly after our favorite mystery man had a run-in with a rattler.

MacGyver Move: Castle finds video of Air Marshal Ford scoping out a passenger named Isadore Baldon. However, the man sitting in his seat is an impostor. Castle believes they have found their killer. The suspect claims he was flying under an assumed name so he could visit his sick mother. He saw Ford texting from a second cell. That phone is tracked down. Castle uses the dead guy’s fingerprints to unlock his phone. It’s a total MacGyver move.

Alexis Steps Up: Castle believes someone wants everyone to think this investigation is over. Victor Dietrich is a wealthy German industrialist who paid the air marshal for protection for a $13 million watch. Ford was backing up his courier, who was drugged. The watch was stolen by someone who knew the passenger manifest. This was an inside job pulled by flight attendant Debbie. Someone has to talk this desperate woman down.

Change of Itinerary: Castle is very proud of how brave his daughter was in dealing with Debbie. He’s happy to hear that she has reconsidered her plans. She now wants to stick close to her dad. As for Beckett back in New York, she lets out a sigh of relief once she sees online that the people she loves have landed safely in London.


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