Castle Recap: Season 7 Episode 22 Jaleel White and Carly Rae Jepsen Guest Star on "Dead From New York"

Castle Recap: Season 7 Episode 22 Jaleel White and Carly Rae Jepsen Guest Star on "Dead From New York"

Martha does nothing but repeat her character’s first line for the two days before the show premieres. Her opening this time around: “Is he dead?” If she had been asking this about Sid Ross, creator of TV’s Saturday Night Tonight, the answer would be yes. For details on the case and its connection to pop star Carly Rae Jepsen, check out the Castle-Cap for the Season 7, Episode 22 “Dead from New York” episode of Castle (airdate Monday, May 4, 2015)

Imitation…Flattery?: With a sock puppet on his hand serving as his attorney, Saturday Night Tonight star Mickey Franks (guest star Jaleel White) snaps back to reality once he hears Sid Ross is dead. He claims his boss was yelling at someone about an upcoming deal. Guest host Danny Valentine may know something about this. Castle and Beckett swing by the set to chat with him. They catch the star rehearsing a skit that’s actually a spoof of the two of them.

Quit Copying Me: Beckett didn’t seem to mind watching the spoof of her initially, but she’s a little put off to see an actress mimicking her mannerisms a short time later. She doesn’t really act like that, does she? If anyone would know, it would be Castle, right?

Call, Castle, Maybe: Castle runs into Saturday Night Tonight’s musical guest, Carley Rae Jepsen. He’s a big fan. Castle’s inquiry into the internal logic behind “Call Me Maybe” gets put on hold by that pesky murder investigation. Oh, and there’s also a live show happening. As Carly Rae performs her hit single “I Really Like You,” Castle takes advantage of the opportunity to share a backstage dance with Beckett.

Live From New York, It’s Kate Beckett!: Castle and Beckett realize the killer is Sid’s business manager, Gene Vogel. Case closed. Well, not quite. Vogel makes a run for it. Beckett is forced to take him down on live TV. The audience goes wild. Castle joins hands with his partner in crime-solving to take a well-deserved bow to the crowd.

Mom Moment: As experienced as Martha is, she’s a little nervous about her upcoming preview performances. She’s afraid of being humiliated in the viral world. She considers dropping out of the play. A pep talk from her son quickly turns her around. Castle offers to show up for the preview for moral support. Martha would prefer he come opening night—just like he always does.

For more details, check out the Castle-Cap for Season 7, Episode 22: “Dead From New York” (air date: 05/04/2015).

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