Castle Recap: Season 7 Finale - Castle Confronts a Demon Serial Killer from "Hollander's Woods"

Castle Recap: Season 7 Finale - Castle Confronts a Demon Serial Killer from "Hollander's Woods"

A frightened, bloodied woman stumbles onto a road where she’s killed by an oncoming truck. Castle recognizes the truck driver’s description of the ghostly, porcelain disguise worn by the person who was chasing the woman. It’s the same mask worn by a killer he encountered when he was 11-years-old. Now he’s about to face him again. For a recap and highlights of the Season 7 Finale “Hollander’s Woods” episode of Castle (original airdate May 11, 2015), check out the below Castle-Cap. WARNING: There are spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode!

Heads Up: There lots happening with our favorite mystery man and those closest to him. Beckett is going for Captain. Ryan and Esposito are reminiscing about their first case as partners a decade ago. Martha is zeroing in on a rent-controlled apartment. As for Castle, he’s being honored with the Poe’s Pen Career Achievement Award. He’s getting a pretty big head over this thing. Two to be exact!

Confronting the Past: Castle recalls the time he was staying with a friend’s family in New Hampshire when he was 11-years-old. He got lost in a place called Hollander’s Woods. Castle saw black-clad figure leaning over something. He would later discover it was a dead woman’s body. She had the same markings as the victim in his current case. The masked figure threatened to kill Castle if he ever mentioned what he saw. All these years later, Castle must confront the murderer once again.

Verbal Smackdown: Beckett is asked to take part in a performance review. She’s unprepared for the highly-critical remarks hurled her way. She’s chastised for all the times she’s ignored the rules and how her personal relationship with Castle has influenced her actions. Beckett is told she’s not fit for a captaincy position and may not even be qualified to be a police detective. It’s a jarring verbal smackdown. Beckett is speechless, but only for a moment.

Decisions, Decisions: Beckett and Castle discuss the future on the swing set at the park. A decision needs to be made soon. Whatever Beckett decides, Castle will have her back.

A Heartfelt Speech: As mentioned before, Castle is the recipient of the Poe’s Pen Career Achievement Award. His good friend, author Michael Connelly, presents him with his trophy. Castle gives a speech mentioning how he’s been thinking a lot about how he got to where he is. He pays tribute to all the special people in his life. He singles out Martha, Alexis, Ryan and Esposito and, of course, Beckett. She’s his muse. She’s the love of his life. Always.

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