5 Father's Day Favorites from Season 6

5 Father's Day Favorites from Season 6

Season 6 took our favorite Castle dads and challenged their relationships in ways that were incredibly touching and sometimes tragically complicated. This season even had what we'd argue was the most emotional father moment in the entire series! Here's our list of the best of the best. 

5. Castle gets his little girl back.


This sweet moment in "Room 147" was 2 seasons in the making! It started with tears in Season 5 when Alexis moved out to college. Then there were arguments about independence, kidnappings, unpopular boyfriends, cold shoulder moments, and generally a whole lot of Castle missing his little girl. The long-awaited reunion above was secretly nudged into motion by an important chat Beckett had with Alexis earlier in the episode. Thank you, Beckett!  

Important Life Lesson: When you have the option to live with Richard Castle: move in and never leave! (Just ask Martha.)

4. Castle accepts a hard truth about his father. (And we scream... but wait!)


Castle's relationship with his father (who is sometimes known as Jackson Hunt and is always played by the ruggedly handsome James Brolin) is a complicated one. By the end of "Deep Cover," Castle is thinking that his dad has only come back into his life to use him. Jackson, unbeknownst to Castle, looking up at his family at the end of us scene gives us hope that maybe that's not the truth at all.

3. Castle and Alexis work together, perfectly in sync.


In "Like Father, Like Daughter," it's fun to see how much Alexis has grown to be just like her dad. She must really look up to him. It's doubly sweet that he looks up to her, too.

2. Castle treats his dad's bullet wound. Poorly. 


In "Deep Cover" it is not surprising to learn that Castle is quite familiar with the game Operation. It is very shocking, however, when his father asks him perform surgery on him. Jackson, we know you've been apart from your son for most of his life, but haven't you been keeping some tabs? This is CASTLE we're talking about! Surgery?! (We joke, we joke. In this dire of a situation, we understand the urgency. Maybe would have opted for Martha... but we get it.) 

1. MOST EMOTIONAL FATHER MOMENT EVER: Ryan sees his baby for the first time after almost dying in a fire himself.


If you haven't watched "Under Fire" yet, you really should! It's one of the most popular episodes from Season 6 and this is one of the most moving scenes. Ryan almost died in a fire at the same time Jenny was giving birth to their first child. This emotional moment is so many things all at once and everybody feels it.

Honorable Mention Father Moments

Castle and Beckett babysit an infant... and Castle is amazing at babies.

Castle secretly says goodbye to his family