Wedding Celebration: Our Favorite Caskett Moments of All Time

Wedding Celebration: Our Favorite Caskett Moments of All Time

Can you hear the wedding bells? That Caskett wedding you've been dreaming about almost as long as your own wedding is finally, really happening! Castle and Beckett have been enchanting us for years with their witty repartee and yearning gazes (just watch the phenomenal "Becoming Caskett" video for a walk down memory lane) and now these lovebirds are making it official on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 10 10|9c. Let's toast their long overdue happiness with a look back at some of our favorite Caskett moments of all time!

Writer Richard Castle Finds a New Inspiration

In this playful moment from Episode 101, Flowers For Your Grave, after finishing a case together (their first!), Castle makes Beckett a tempting offer. But Detective Beckett light-heartedly lets him know she isn't interested in being another one of the famous author's conquests. She walks away, and leaves Castle awed, inspired, and with lots to write about!


Castle and Beckett's First Kiss

It may have been a ploy to avoid detection while working undercover, but there were definitely fireworks on the screen when Castle and Beckett kissed for the first time, in Episode 313, Knockdown. Castle was adorably awestruck afterwards, but the always-guarded Beckett kept her feelings to herself. Good thing this was only the first of many kisses!


Castle Tells Beckett He Loves Her

Talk about a roller coaster ride! In the Season 3 finale, Episode 324, Knockout, Beckett is shot in the chest by a sniper (while giving the eulogy at Captain Montgomery's funeral) and as the shot rings out, Castle doesn't think twice before risking his own life to dive on top of her. It's in this dramatic, emotionally fraught moment that Castle finally is able to say those words: "I love you, Kate!"


Beckett Wants Castle

Castle waited four long years to hear it, but Beckett's heart-stopping confession in Episode 423, Always, that she wanted him, that she let her mother's murderer get away, almost died, and didn't care, because all she could think about was him, was more romantic than any scene even Castle could have imagined.


Beckett Says "I Love You"

At least early in the relationship, it seems to take a near-death experience to get Beckett to express her feelings (Case in point: Beckett thinks her captor will kill her, and leaves behind a heartfelt love letter for Castle). In Episode 522, Still, Kate tearfully confesses her love to "Rick" for the first time in what she thinks are her final moments, as the timer on the bomb she's standing on ticks down to 0. But as always, Castle comes through for her, figuring out the code to deactivate the bomb just in time, and these two inched closer to their happy ending.


Castle and Beckett Get Engaged!

There was never any doubt for Caskett fans, but Beckett is certainly surprised that Castle is proposing instead of breaking up with her. There's one hiccup though: Beckett has been offered her dream job... in D.C.! But Castle is unperturbed. He loves Kate Beckett, and he'll love her whether she's in D.C. or NYC! Phew... that was a long wait between the Season 5 finale and Episode 601, Valkyrie. And watch what happens when Beckett decides to announce their engagement her way.

It's been a seven-season-long journey, and there were bumps in the road (or were those dead bodies?) along the way, but Castle and Beckett were worth sticking around for, to each other, and to all the Caskett fans... always.