5 Reasons Beckett Should Take the Job

5 Reasons Beckett Should Take the Job

We and Beckett are entering the summer with an enormously important question to answer.

Castle's marriage proposal.


Hold that Yes! Now Beckett, we know there is a wealthy, famous, ruggedly handsome man on one knee before you. He is even offering up some very pretty jewelry and the promise of a lifetime. But wait.

We’ve learned a few things over the course of Caskett and here are 5 reasons Beckett should accept Stack’s proposal first.

1. Beckett is a rare talent.

Doesn’t the world deserve to have someone like Beckett fighting for it? Special Investigator Stack thinks so. He lists off her skills not as her culmination as a detective but as her potential as something bigger.

2. This job could empower her to achieve her ultimate goal.

There is one case that will keep Beckett’s heart unsettled until the day it’s solved—her mother’s murder. A federal position could give Beckett the power she needs to keep Senator Bracken from rising to President. So far, her power over him has been limited. Just enough to stay alive.

3. Beckett deserves “more” out of a relationship.

Even with Beckett dancing in front of him in lingerie, nowadays Castle is more interested in some other toy. He’s been taking her for granted. That particularly came to a head when the charming billionaire Eric Vaughn took notice of her and in a moment of hesitation almost won a kiss. We should have seen this coming in their relationship. Even after their first night together, Castle hid Beckett in a closet.

4. Castle deserves “more,” too.

Beckett and Castle’s relationship hasn’t exactly brought out the best in her. She just lied to him, or “hid” if you think of it that way, that she went to Washington, D.C. for a job interview that would seriously impact both of their lives. That little secret didn’t bring the best out of Castle either.

5. A relationship shouldn’t be her end-all. What if the bubble burst?

She and Castle are from different worlds. He’s a wealthy once-playboy. She’s a serious and devoted cop. Is it wise to compromise your natural path for something that might be? Especially something that’s actually been against nature from the beginning? This thought has crossed her mind before.

(Psst! Devoted Caskett shippers, don't worry, we'll be evening the field with a list of reasons Beckett should accept Castle's proposal, too.)