Ryan on <em>Storm Front</em> and <em>Deadly Heat</em>

Ryan on <em>Storm Front</em> and <em>Deadly Heat</em>

I know I’m supposed to act cool and blasse about this, but I love having a famous friend. I get Knicks tickets and Jenny and I get reservations at the most popular restaurants in Manhattan months before any of our friends. But the best part of being friends with Richard Castle (you know, other than the conversation, camaraderie and general good times we have together) is getting sneak peaks at his newest books. That’s right. Do you remember that time this summer, when you were anxious to find out what Nikki Heat does after the cliffhanger in Frozen Heat? Well I don’t, because I read Deadly Heat a few months ago. Booyah.

Still though, I liked it a little more when Castle was actually here so I could talk to him in person about the books. I think a lot of people would get annoyed by a fan gushing to them 24/7, but Castle never seemed to mind. In fact, he loved it when I told him all the parts I liked, and how much I liked them, and why I liked them. I think that’s a real testament to him as an author that he’d take time out of his day to do that for me. But, without him around, I have all these thoughts penned up inside of me with no outlet. So, I decided to get them out here.

Let me start with Storm Front. I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when Castle said he was bringing Derrick Storm back from the dead. I mean, Clara Strike held him in her arms while he died in Storm Fall. But, I have to admit, I bought it. And it’s good to have Storm back. He’s like James Bond without a stick up his butt. Sorry if that offends those Bond fans out there. I love 007 too, but you have to admit that he wouldn’t get his suits tailored that perfectly if he didn’t have a little OCD. Can you imagine grabbing a drink and watching the playoffs with Bond? Probably not. Storm though? He’d be the life of the party.

And then there’s Deadly Heat. I look at Detective Beckett in a completely platonic way - she’s like a sister to me, or maybe like a young aunt, who I still have to listen to, but who’s cool. Nikki Heat on the other hand… wow. I never knew fighting crime could be so hot – and I do it for a living. Castle’s writing stumps me too. I’ve seen my fair share of twisted cases, but he somehow always keeps me guessing. Plus, Deadly Heat finally starts giving her the answers she’s been searching for – it’s exciting stuff.

This was supposed to be a catharsis, but talking about these books just got me all riled up again. Maybe I need to find some other way to let it all out. Maybe writing about books isn’t enough. Maybe I should write one myself!

If Castle can do it, how hard can it be, right?