5 Reasons to Watch The "Dr. Ken" Season 1 Finale

5 Reasons to Watch The "Dr. Ken" Season 1 Finale

The first season of Dr. Ken has been full of many laughs and surprises. On the show, we've seen guest stars such as Joel McHale, Margaret Cho, Dr. Oz and more.  Ken and his medical associates have also found themselves in many hilarious predicaments, from watching Ken have a meltdown in a courtroom to a surprising office hook-up.  The first season comes to an end FRIDAY APRIL 22 8:30|7:30c with episode 22, "Ken Tries Stand-Up." Here are five of the funniest moments from season one and why you don't want to miss even more hilarious moments in the season finale!

#1 - Ken Tries to Be the Bigger Man

Season one has seen many appearances by celebrity guest stars, including several of his Community co-stars such as Joel McHale and Danny Pudi in episode 14, "Dave's Valentine."  In this episode, Ken and Ross (guest star Joel McHale) let a longtime feud prevent their kids from attending the Valentine's Day dance together. Allison (Suzy Nakamura) prompts Ken to do something about it once they realize how upset this has made their son, Dave (Albert Tsai). Ken decides to be the bigger man and get Ross to change his mind.

#2 - Dr. Ken vs Dr. Wendi & Dr. Oz

Ken was not the only doctor featured on the show this season. Ken's sister, Dr. Wendi, played by comedian Margaret Cho, made an appearance in episode 7, "Dr. Wendi: Coming to LA." Unlike Ken, she has her own TV show. Ken also had an airport run in with another doctor with their own show: Dr. Oz! 

#3 - Dr. Ken Really Cares about His Patients

Ken sometimes -- okay often -- complains about his job, but he really does try to do the best for his patients. He even goes as far as granting one patient, Dicky Wexler, the opportunity to perform one last time.

#4 - Pat & Damona Are Hooking Up!?!
Ken and his colleagues, Damona, Clark and Juliecan agree they hate their boss Pat. However, in a twist we learn Pat and Damona have a love/hate relationship as they have been hooking up outside the office. 

#5 - Ken's An Expert Witness

Ken Jeong was once again re-united with a Community co-star in episode 19, "Ken's an Expert Witness." In the episode, Ken's excited to participate as an expert witness in a trial, but his enthusiasm and confidence takes a dive when his expertise is called into question by attorney Devon Drake (guest star Jim).

These are just a few of the funniest moments from season one. Be sure to watch the Dr. Ken season finale on FRIDAY APRIL 22 8:30|7:30c on ABC to enjoy more funny moments and surprise guests!