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Ginger Zee and team delve into how weather and climate impact our food.

S2 E5 - Grass-Fed Beef
Ginger Zee wrangles grass-fed cattle in Texas as ranchers battle drought with an old recipe in this episode of "Food Forecast."
01.09.2018 | 10m
S1 E5 - Cherries and Beer Hops Are Growing Like Crazy in Michigan
Ginger Zee heads home to Michigan where cherries are thriving and hops are booming.
08.23.2016 | 8m
S2 E4 - Florida Oranges
Ginger Zee visits Florida where oranges are fighting hurricanes, frost and disease in this episode of "Food Forecast."
01.09.2018 | 10m
S1 E4 - Napa Winemakers Use Unique Techniques to Battle Shifts in Climate
Ginger Zee visits the famed Napa Valley where drought and climate change are forcing winemakers to adapt.
08.16.2016 | 6m
S2 E3 - Italian Olive Oil
Ginger Zee takes an adventure through Italy on a search to find the best Italian olive oil and discovers how weather is putting it in jeopardy.
01.09.2018 | 17m
S1 E3 - Ginger Zee Uncorks the Mystery Behind Napa Valley's Tasty Wine
Subtle weather variations within the Napa Valley create different flavors from vineyard to vineyard.
08.08.2016 | 7m
S2 E2 - Bee Migration
Ginger Zee follows bees on a cross-country road trip to pollinate crops in this episode of "Food Forecast."
01.09.2018 | 15m
S1 E2 - Ginger Zee Discovers Money Really Grows In Trees
Maple Syrup is a Booming Industry in Northern Vermont after a Record Year of Production
08.01.2016 | 9m
S2 E1 - Italian Truffles
Ginger Zee heads to Alba, Italy in search of the rare white truffle in this episode of "Food Forecast."
01.09.2018 | 20m
S1 E1 - The Secret Ingredient That Makes Maine Lobster So Delicious Is Being Threatened
Ginger Zee takes you to Maine to find out why lobsters are thriving.
07.26.2016 | 8m