How To Have Swagger Like Eddie Huang: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Have Swagger Like Eddie Huang: A Step-by-Step Guide

Fresh Off Boat's premiere introduced us to Eddie Huang (Hudson Yang), an 11-year-old boy who loves to play by his own rules. Eddie doesn’t let the fact that he feels like an outsider in suburban Orlando stop him from making some bold moves to fit in. And if you’re looking to score a little swagger of your own, we suggest trying out some of Eddie’s signature moves: 

1. Know how to make an entrance. When you step into a room, you want all eyes on you—and that requires making an attention-grabbing entrance. Take a note from Eddie’s playbook in Fresh Off the Boat's "Home Sweet Home School episode" and rely on a boom box, hype man (in Eddie’s case, his grandmother), and your best rendition of a “pimp walk” in order to command the room’s attention.

2. Dress the part. If you want to have swag, you’ve got to look the part, and that means having clothes that are “fresh as hell.” Make sure you pay attention to little outfit details, too. Accessories, like the perfect pinky ring or baseball cap—turned sideways, naturally—can make or break your outfit. Oh, and if your chain necklace is too heavy, keep it on anyway, because as Eddie points out in Fresh Off the Boat’s "Pilot" episode, "Sometimes life is heavy.” Deep stuff.

3. March to the beat of your own drum or, more specifically, hip hop. Chart-topping hits may fly for everyone else but not for you. Don’t follow the flock, especially if you’re the black sheep of you’re family, like Eddie. Instead, embrace your originality. Think the fact that his entire family happily sings along to Ace of Base makes Eddie want to join in? Nope. He’ll listen to Biggie on his headphones instead, thanks.

4. Have a mentor. Even the sickest dude needs a little inspiration every now and then. For Eddie, that means looking to his rap idols when he needs guidance on how to be the best version of himself. For you, it’s anyone whose lifestyle you want to emulate. Choose wisely.

5. Have a plan. Fitting in can be hard to do when you’re the new kid on the block. But when the cool kids at school initially reject Eddie, he doesn’t stand idly by waiting for his luck to change. Instead, he enacts a plan that will let him “change the game.” 

6. Choose your battles. Sometimes you can't help but get sent to the principal's office. While Eddie chooses to deal with rejection from the cool kids with a peaceful plan, he opts to shove pudding in another boys face for making a racist remark. 

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