The Huang Brothers Know How to Woo the Ladies

The Huang Brothers Know How to Woo the Ladies

When Eddie (Hudson Yang) struggles to fit in with the neighborhood kids on Fresh Off the Boat’s “The Shunning” episode, he figures landing a hot girlfriend is the best way to impress the boys and earn their respect.

He sets his sights on his attractive—and much older—neighbor Honey (guest star Chelsey Crisp) and proceeds to pitch his best game, which for him includes bragging about a nonexistent hangover (he’s only 11, after all), strutting his stuff and treating her to complimentary candy as she checks out at the video rental story. (Disclaimer: That last move might only work if, like Eddie, you live in 1995.)

Eddie Flirts with His Neighbor|Eager to impress his peers, Eddie tries to snag a girlfriend.|In an attempt to gain respect from the neighborhood kids, Eddie (Hudson Yang) hatches a plan to snag a girlfriend. He sets his sights on his much older neighbor (guest star Chelsey Crisp) and tries to woo her with candy, slang and a showy strut at the video rental store. From Fresh Off the Boat, Season 1, Episode 3, "The Shunning." ABC TUESDAYS 8|7c.

But Eddie isn’t the only Huang boy to know his way around the ladies. Take Evan (Evan Huang), who adopts a more subtle approach than his older brother. He’s more of what you might call a good listener, which the ladies love. The neighborhood women certainly seem to have taken a liking to him, spilling all the neighborhood secrets to the young Romeo. 

And then there’s Emery (Forrest Wheeler), who snags not one but two dates to the neighborhood block party. So, what’s his secret? He’s just a kid in love with love who, unlike Eddie, recognizes that “real life isn’t a rap video.” We’d listen to Emery if we were Eddie, seeing as he’s the dude who chills with one girl on each arm at the kiddie pool. Not too shabby for a grade-schooler. 

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