Eddie Passes Off Sexual Harassment Video as a Dirty Movie

Eddie Passes Off Sexual Harassment Video as a Dirty Movie

When Jessica (Constance Wu) refuses to let Eddie (Hudson Yang) attend a sleepover in Fresh Off the Boat’s "Persistent Romeo" episode, he manages to convince his friends to come over to his place instead—by lying to them and telling them he has a dirty movie.  

Not wanting to lose face in front of his friends, he decides to try to steal a video from the adult section of the rental store with the help of Evan (Ian Chen) and Emory (Forrest Wheeler). Needless to say, it doesn’t go well for the boys: 

Unable to get his hands on a dirty movie, Eddie decides to pass off Louis’ sexual harassment training video off as the risqué movie his friends have been promised. Not knowing the difference between the two, his pals are impressed by the cheesy film! 

But when all the boys at his school get a copy of the video, a “sexual harassment revolution” erupts in the classroom. The utterly clueless boys start using promises of promotions to hit on their female classmates. Not surprisingly, the ladies are unimpressed: 

When the principal catches wind of the boys’ confusion over sex—they did mistake a sexual harassment video for a dirty movie, after all—he encourages parents to have “the talk” with their kids. And, boy, does Louis (Randall Park) comply. He fills Eddie in on everything from the amount of calories burned during sex to how to get out of doing too much work by pretending you have bad back. 

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