Fresh Off the Boat: Coming  Soon to ABC.

Fresh Off the Boat: Coming Soon to ABC.

ABC has announced the Fresh Off the Boat tv series is coming soon as part of the ABC New Shows revealed at its 2014 upfronts presentation. It’s the 90s and 12-year-old hip-hop loving Eddie just moved to suburban Orlando with his family. Before this, his immigrant family settled easily into Washington DC’s Chinatown. But here, it is pure culture shock for them. Orlando doesn’t have a Chinatown… unless you count the Huang house.

Even though each member of the family has their own way of fitting in, they know they will have each other’s backs and their own American Dream.

VIDEO: Get a sneak preview of the Fresh Off the Boat tv series coming soon to ABC!

Some faces you may recognize include Randall Park (Larry Crown, The Five-Year Engagement, & Veep), Constance Wu (Stephanie Daley, Sound of My Voice, Browsers), Forrest Wheeler (The Incredible Burt Wonderstone), and new comers Ian Chen and Forrest Wheeler.

Join us this fall with this laugh out loud comedy based on Eddie Huang’s memoir "Fresh Off the Boat."