The Galavant Showcase

The Galavant Showcase

From the brilliant creator of Crazy, Stupid, Love and Tangled and the genius musical talent behind award-wining songs from Disney classics Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas comes Galavant, a four-week musical comedy extravaganza.

Get a look of this medieval musical with these clips of the cast performing songs from Galavant.


Galavant Showcase Begins!

Screenwriter/Executive Producer Dan Fogelman introduces the cast and concept. 

Soundtrack to your childhood 

Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken performs a medley of his most beloved songs, including "Beauty and the Beast," "Under the Sea," "Colors of the Wind," and "A Whole New World."


How things fall apart in a song 

Galavant (Joshua Sasse), Isabella (Karen David) and Sid (Luke Youngblood) are three merry traveling companions who do everything together... which leads to more than their share of bickering.


Evil narcissism in 11 part harmony!

The beautiful but vain Madalena (Mallory Jansen) realizes that she's her own best bet to get things done inside the palace. 


Watch Galavant, a 4-week comedy extravaganza premiering ABC SUNDAY, JANUARY 4 8|7c.