A Father's Betrayal - The Story of Morgan & Sonny

A Father's Betrayal - The Story of Morgan & Sonny

Sonny has never been the ideal father. He once shot his oldest son Dante. And he did kill Michael's biological father A.J. after making a promise to Michael that he would never touch A.J. Then there is his youngest child Morgan. Sonny betrays Morgan by having sex with Morgan's girlfriend Ava in the Quartermaine crypt. To add insult to injury, Ava is now preganat and the father is unknown. Let's take a look at the three part Sonny & Morgan saga in honor of Father's Day. 

Mistake #1 - Sonny has sex with Morgan's Girlfriend

Sonny Betrays Morgan|Morgan is betrayed by Sonny.|Morgan faces the ultimate betrayal from his father.


Mistake #2 - Sonny Wants To Make Amends- Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Morgan Is Furious With Sonny|Morgan screams at Sonny over Ava.|Morgan and Sonny have it out over Ava's pregnancy.


Mistake #3 -Sonny Moves Morgan's Pregnant Girlfriend In



Sonny probably shouldn't stand by the mailbox anticipating a card from Morgan anytime soon.

Happy Father's Day! Send this to that special man in your life who has done none of the above.