GH Now! Opening Segments

Watch and share your favorite opening segments from GH Now! 

GH Now! Clip: Susan Lucci
 After running someone over, Nancy answers the question that she gets asked the most – Is she anything like her character Alexis Davis? 

GH Now! Clip: Morning Nancy
Nancy takes us behind the scenes to get a rare glimpse at what it takes to look like Alexis Davis. 

GH Now! Clip: Coffee Kissing 
General Hospital cast members practice their kissing techniques on Nancy. Can't a girl just get a cup of coffee in peace?

GH Now! Clip: Dressing Room Envy 
Nancy takes a look inside the dressing rooms of some of her fellow General Hospital co-stars. What she finds is disturbing. 

GH Now! Clip: Talking Heads
Nancy gives us a glimpse into the thoughts of your favorite soap stars during those intense scenes.

GH Now! Clip: "You Owe Me Money"
While strolling the lot, Nancy runs Justin Chambers from Grey's Anatomy." It's one big happy family!

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