GH Recap: Ric Has Risen!: Week of December 22nd

GH Recap: Ric Has Risen!: Week of December 22nd

The week begins with an early Christmas miracle! Nathan continues to make secret plans ensuring that Maxie can see Georgie on Christmas. Maxie is stunned when Alexis explains that Judge Walters has changed his mind and is allowing her to share custody of her daughter with Spinelli! Maxie is overjoyed.

Meanwhile, a DNA test reveals that Sonny is the father of yet another child -- Ava’s baby. Silas announces the results and Morgan takes the news hard. Kiki comforts him and Morgan kisses her.

At Franco and Nina’s arraignment Nina successfully pleads not guilty by reason of insanity, however, Franco’s attempt is unsuccessful. The judge concludes that he can’t use the insanity defense like his previous court case and orders that he stand trial. Franco is sent to Pentonville, while Nina is sent off for a psychological evaluation.

In Pentonville, Sonny pretends to cooperate with Johnny’s demands, while Shawn demands to know from Jordan where Ric is being held captive. As Jordan calls Julian for Ric’s location, Carlos eavesdrops on her and discovers her betrayal. When Carlos informs Johnny that Sonny is going to turn on him, Johnny tells Sonny that he just signed Ric’s death warrant… Sonny explodes and attacks Johnny!

At the hospital, Maxie shares her good news with Nathan about Georgie, so he encourages her to go to Portland to be with her daughter on Christmas.  Regretful they won’t be together for the holiday, Maxie and Nathan have an impromptu gift exchange and promise to spend New Year’s Eve together.

Later, Franco arrives in Pentonville just in time to stop Sonny from killing Johnny.  Grateful, Johnny tells Franco that he owes him and arranges for him to have a phone, so he can contact Nina at Shadybrook.

After Jordan and Shawn stop Carlos from shooting Ric, Shawn worries Jordan has a target on her back now that she’s helped Julian’s enemies. At the art gallery Fluke maintains his ruse as Luke and tells Julian he’s going to exact revenge on him for aiding Faison in keeping him captive, but Julian explains he had no choice because Faison threatened his family. Fluke lets Julian off the hook and admits the real Luke is still locked up. Before Fluke reveals his true identity Carlos arrives and informs them Ric is free, thanks to Jordan. So Fluke instructs Julian to kill her...

At the penthouse Alexis admits to Sam that Ric is alive, but missing, so she doesn’t want to tell Molly. Sam argues she should because she wishes she were told the truth about Jason, even if it wasn’t good news. Alexis agrees, but when she’s about to spill the beans to Molly – Ric arrives at the door.

On Christmas Eve Maxie receives the greatest gift of all – seeing her daughter, Georgie. When Spinelli wonders why the judge changed his mind, Maxie suspects Nathan had something to do with it. Meanwhile to everyone’s horror at the hospital, Obrecht tells the children a Christmas story – the tale of Krampus the Christmas devil who eats children. Nathan argues with his mother about it until he admits he’s grateful she managed to get the judge to overturn Maxie’s custody battle of Georgie. In recreated flashback it’s revealed that Obrecht threatened to fire Monica if she didn’t convince her boyfriend, Judge Walters, to change his ruling…

Patrick is grateful that Sam is taking steps toward forgiving him. She admits that when her life flashed before her eyes during her hostage crisis that Patrick had a prominent place in her life. She further discloses that she thinks Jake was the man behind the mask. By the end of the day Sam and Patrick kiss.

Meanwhile, Liz and Jake find themselves under mistletoe and are about to kiss, when Ric appears. Liz is stunned to see him alive, so Jake leaves them alone. When he returns he witnesses Ric and Liz kissing.

Alexis confronts Julian about what he knew about Ric’s captivity. Julian says she no longer has the right to question him. They have a bittersweet goodbye, noting that no matter how many times they breakup, it never gets easier.

In Portland, Maxie informs Nathan all flights out have been cancelled due to the weather, so they will have to postpone their reunion. Nathan secretly makes his way to Portland to surprise Maxie, only to learn Maxie found a way back to Port Charles...

At Jordan’s hideout she tells Anna and Dante that she intends to go public with her identity. Anna tries to convince her to maintain her cover and switch sides to infiltrate Sonny’s organization, but Jordan is adamant about revealing herself.

Elsewhere, when Julian informs Fluke that he’s been unable to locate, and thus kill, Jordan, Fluke provides her location.  By the end of day Julian ambushes Jordan at her hideout!

Ric drops by Elizabeth’s to ask her to celebrate New Year’s together, but encounters a shirtless Jake. Ric warns Jake that he intends to pick up where he and Liz left off. Later, Jake tells Liz that he doesn’t want to get in the way of her developing relationship with Ric, so he is going to move out.

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