GH Recap: The Search for Baby Avery Begins: Week of April 13th

GH Recap: The Search for Baby Avery Begins: Week of April 13th

The week started out with Nathan pouring out his heart to Maxie. He says that he overacted and wants to give their relationship another shot. Soon after, Spinelli returns and they have a surprise visitor- Ellie.

Spinelli is surprised to see her. Ellie admits that she made a mistake telling Spinelli to explore his feelings for Maxie. Spinelli informs her that he and Maxie are back together. Ellie is visibly upset and leaves. 

Meanwhile, Lulu comes home to find Valerie with Rocco and is not happy. In other news, Hayden & Nikolas have grown fond of each other. They begin to go at it until Alexis interrupts them.

The search for baby Avery begins. Dante questions Michael who swears he didn’t kidnap the baby. He breaks down and Sabrina comforts him.  

Meanwhile, Obrecht is being questioned about the baby’s appearance. Kiki claims that it was Nina and later confides to Julian that if she and Morgan hadn’t drugged Michael, Avery would be safe and sound.  Nina insists that she had nothing to do with Avery’s kidnapping. Franco assures Nina that he believes her…but seems far from convinced.

Fluke pays Luke a visit. Luke claims that he is going to fight his dark side and become a better man. Later, Scott arranges his stay at a mental health facility instead of prison.

In sad news, Silas gives Ava her life-ending medicine. After a sad goodbye Ava drifts off.

At the Drake house, Jason’s wedding ring is found under Patrick’s couch. Everyone is shocked.

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