Recap: GH Week of April 14th

Recap: GH Week of April 14th


Lies and scandal galore this week on General Hospital.  Dante and Lulu confront Obrecht about their remaining embryo. Obrecht claims that she has the embryo and will tell them where to find it- on one condition. She and Britt must be guaranteed full immunity from prosecution.  Lulu questions Britt about whether Obrecht could be telling the truth about the embryos. Britt tells Lulu she knows nothing but never saw the embryos destroyed so it could be possible.

Nikolas asks Liz to recover at Wyndemere. She accepts his offer and Britt is not happy. She accuses Liz of moving in fast on her ex-fiancé. Spencer is furious when Nikolas tells him that Cameron and Liz are moving in. Nikolas lectures him and eventually he offers Cameron one of his Cadbury Creme Eggs. At the PCPD Madeline finally comes clean with Nathan, revealing that not only is she not his mother but he has another sister, Britt. To make his day even better, Nathan comes home to Maxie asking him to move out. He soon finds out that Levi put her up to it. 

Patrick promises Sabrina that he will be there for her and the baby. Carlos is not happy about this and tells Sabrina that he will be there when she gets hurt again. Later, Patrick and Sabrina find out that they are having a boy! Luke is up to his usual antics and convinces Tracy to forgo the pre-nup agreement before the wedding. He finds Kiki and yells at her for telling Tracy that he hit on her. Kiki knees him where it hurts and throws him out.

Jordan has her first day of work at Ava's gallery. She quickly tells Julian that she is wise to his drug operation and wants in. Shawn finds out about a drug shipment and is suspicious of Jordan's involvement. Meanwhile, Sonny is being haunted by a vision of AJ who taunts him to the point on insanity. Spencer has overheard Luke's plan against Sonny tries to warn his uncle. Sonny is busy yelling at AJ to go away and Spencer thinks that Sonny is talking to him and leaves.

Carlos has been taken into the police station after an arms dealer identified him. When Carly sees that they have Carlos in custody for AJ's shooting, she realizes that she needs to find a way for Carlos to reveal what he knows about Ava. Being the great boyfriend that he is, Franco gets himself arrested on purpose so that he can talk to Carlos. Ava talks to Carlos and threatens that she will hurt Sabrina and the baby if he talks. 

What a week! What was your favorite moment?