GH Recap: Everyone is a Suspect: Week of April 20th

GH Recap: Everyone is a Suspect: Week of April 20th

The week started out with Sam finding Jason’s ring under Patrick’s couch. Emma reveals that Spencer offered her that ring. When she refused to commit to him, he threw it. Meanwhile, Nikolas is frantic when discovers that the ring missing. After talking to Spencer he races to Patrick’s house and finds Sam with the ring. When questioned by Sam, Nikolas lies and claims that Helena came into possession of it while at Crichton-Clark. Sam puts away the ring, ready to move on with Patrick. 

Across town, Dante finds Valerie packing. She tells him that Lulu freaked out. He convinces Valerie to stay. Dante comforts her, giving her a hug - just as Lulu returns. Lulu points out that their place is too cramped to accommodate a third person, but has an idea -Valerie can live with Nikolas.

Later, Ellie spills a coffee drink all over Nathan. They figure out who each other is. Nathan blames her for sending Spinelli to Maxie. She blames Nathan for breaking up with Maxie. She confesses that she made a mistake, she still wants Spinelli. Lucy arrives and suggests that Nathan and Ellie date, but neither are ready for that. After talking, they decide to attend the Nurses’ Ball together to make Maxie & Spinelli jealous.

Spinelli has a run-in with Jake at Kelly’s. Jake suggests that Spinelli back off Hayden. Later, Spinelli meets with Sam and shows her the picture he took of Pete. Sam notices that while Pete’s face might not be visible, his class ring is. They enhance the photo and are able to make out both the name of the school, and the year that Pete graduated. Spinelli hacks into the school’s database and Spinelli finds Pete’s photo. 

At the Metro Court, Duke meets with Bruce. He tells Bruce to kill Jordan and make it appear that she was killed by the Jeromes. Later, Carlos is about to kill Duke at the Metro Court when Hayden arrives and wonders why a gunman is in her room. Meanwhile, Jordan and Anna find themselves in a hail of gunfire which they escape unscathed. 

Sabrina reveals that Michael was drugged.

Morgan and Kiki pretend not to know what Michael’s accusations are about. Michael assaults Morgan and discovers his real allergy medication. Michael accuses them of kidnapping Avery themselves.Later, Morgan and Kiki arrive at Silas’s place and find Avery safe in a crib. 

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