Recap: GH Week of April 21st

Recap: GH Week of April 21st


What an action filled week on General Hospital! Sabrina surprises Patrick when she shows up for Emma's recital. They talk to Emma about the new baby and although she is upset at first, she eventually becomes excited at the idea of a new baby brother. On the way to the recital, a car comes into their lane causing them to swerve off of the road. Luckily Emma and Patrick are alright, but Sabrina's baby needs to be delivered right away. Britt happens to be behind them on the road and witnessed the accident and helps Sabrina deliver the baby. Both Sabrina and the baby are rushed to the hospital.

Carly suspects that Ava is behind AJ’s murder. Franco gets himself arrested to get closer to Carlos who is in custody. Carlos starts to open up to Franco. Just as he starts to let loose, Carlos hears that Sabrina was in an accident and clams up.

Ric is not pleased with Liz’s new living arrangements. He interrupts a moment between them and demands to know how Liz could stay with Nikolas after he threw her out of his house at the engagement party. Liz swears that her relationship with Nik is platonic but Ric thinks that she is hoping for more.

Michael turned to Sonny for comfort and asks him to attend AJ's funeral. For Michael's sake, Monica lets Sonny stay. After the funeral Sonny runs into Ava who is there for Kiki. Sonny confesses that the guilt is breaking him down and he wants to go to the police. Ava tells him to suck it up and both of them get caught up in the throes of passion. Morgan walks in right after and realizes what just happened. He freaks out and rightly so.

What a week! What was your favorite moment?