GH Recap: A Wedding Turns Into a Nightmare and Hidden Passions Surface: Week of August 11th

GH Recap: A Wedding Turns Into a Nightmare and Hidden Passions Surface: Week of August 11th

What an action packed week on General Hospital! Let's start with the wedding bells that never happened.

Maxie’s wedding turns into a nightmare. Nathan finally reveals that he has feelings for Maxie.

When Maxie learns this news, she freaks out and insists that she loves Levi and is going to marry him. All hell breaks loose when Nathan confronts Levi about the stolen necklace. Levi, dropping the accent, pulls a gun on Nathan. Levi reveals he’s a con and his intentions have always only been to obtain the Aztec jewels. Levi beats up Nathan and then ties him up. He leaves to meet Maxie and the wedding ceremony begins. Dante goes to look for Nathan and finds him tied up. They arrive in time to stop the wedding revealing that Levi is after the Aztec jewels. Levi grabs Maxie as Agent Scribner grabs Lulu, taking them both hostage. Levi collects the rest of Felicia’s jewels and in the scuffle Levi shoots Mac. Levi then takes Lulu and Maxie and leaves.

Back at the lab, Robin has worked all night on a formula. Victor decides to test it out on Jason. Robin freaks out claiming that it is too dangerous. Victor injects Jason anyway. Jason seems to be dying but then suddenly comes back to life!


Robin learns that Victor never had any intention of letting Jason go and was just using her. She is taken away furious.  

Meanwhile, Silas tells Sam what Molly told him about Rafe being forced to cause the accident. Sam and Patrick set out to find who put Rafe up to it.

Love was blooming all over Port Charles this week. Franco & Nina get trapped in an elevator together. They talk and Nina tells Franco that she saw Sonny kissing Carly. Olivia admits to Sonny that she is not with Ned but there is no chance for her and Sonny to reconcile. After, Sonny pays Carly a visit. Meanwhile, Brad, Felix & Lucas decide to meet for a ménage a trois. Brad and Lucas show up but Felix gets distracted by Milo. After learning that Milo is interested in Epiphany, Felix encourages Milo to go for it. Felix realizes that a ménage a trois isn’t who he is. While waiting on Felix, Lucas admits to Brad that he was going to pick him. Once they get the word that Felix is out of the plan they get it on. Probably the most surprising hook up was Britt and Nikolas. During a romantic s ‘mores making session, Britt kisses Nikolas.

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