GH Recap: Passion is in the Air and the Search for Lulu & Maxie Continues: Week of August 18th

GH Recap: Passion is in the Air and the Search for Lulu & Maxie Continues: Week of August 18th

This week was filled with excitement both in and out of the bedroom. Love was blooming all over Port Charles. Shawn & Jordan continue their secret affair while Ned & Olivia go see a movie as “friends.” Sonny admits that he has feelings for Carly and although Carly tries to resist they get caught in the throes of passion.



Meanwhile, Franco is stuck in an elevator with Nina who tells him that she saw Carly & Sonny kiss. Franco flips out and Nina forgets about her wheelchair routine and stands to comfort him. Franco returns home and Carly keeps Sonny in the bedroom. Franco notices that there are 2 wine glasses and Carly claims that it’s Bobbie’s. Bobbie plays along. Franco, not knowing what to think, searches the house. Sonny escapes without Franco seeing him. Carly tells Sonny that they aren’t going to have sex again but they end up having sex in Sonny’s office.

Nikolas is playing both teams as he tells Britt that he has feelings for her AND Elizabeth. Britt just wants to be with Nikolas and throws herself at him. Just as they are about to sleep together Nikolas gets the call from Liz with the news that Lulu has been kidnapped. A search and rescue team returns with Maxie’s wedding veil. Meanwhile, Levi & Scribner move Lulu and Maxie into a remote cabin.


In the best news all year, Alice’s heart transplant was a success. Michael overhears Tracy telling Alice to keep quiet about her takeover plan. Michael fires Tracy on the spot and updates Ned & Kiki. Tracy reports this to Luke. Ned catches Tracy talking to Luke and throws her out of his house. Luke then orders Ava to kill Michael. Ava has just made some progress in repairing her relationship with Kiki and argues that she cannot kill Kiki’s boyfriend. Julian tells Ava to do as she is told or Kiki may suffer. Ava invites Kiki and Michael over for a poisonous dinner.

Sabrina Santiago returned to Port Charles. She is doing much better and learns about Rafe & the accident from Patrick.



Across town, Sam stops by Silas’s place to go through Rafe’s belongings for clues. She finds money and a cell phone. Silas starts to questions if Sam is doing all of it for Patrick.When Sam snaps back about Nina, Silas claims that he is sleeping on the couch. After Sam leaves, Silas finds a Crichton-Clark business card. Meanwhile, Nina is flipping out telling Rosalie that she is going to have a baby with Silas no matter what. Another amazing week on General Hospital!

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