GH Recap: New Twists and Turns in the Kidnapping of Maxie & Lulu: Week of August 25th

GH Recap: New Twists and Turns in the Kidnapping of Maxie & Lulu: Week of August 25th

The drama continued this week as Maxie and Lulu made an escape attempt. Unfortunately, Levi and Scribner get the upper hand again.

Meanwhile, Dante goes to see Sonny to find out who would have been interested in buying Felicia’s Aztec jewels. Sonny remembers that Colman was in financial trouble and had returned to life on the black market. Dante confronts Coleman who confesses that he was approached by Levi. He was going to buy the jewels from Levi and Scribner and resell them. He didn’t know that Levi was planning on kidnapping Maxie and Lulu. Dante gets the location of their meeting place. Sonny also had another surprise visitor… Julian. Julian wants a truce and Sonny declines his offer.

Dante and Nathan burst into the cabin and find blood. Scribner staggers out bloody from a gunshot wound. Before passing out, he reveals that Levi shot him and left with Maxie and Lulu. He is sent off to the hospital while Dante and Nathan continue to search for clues. They find a newspaper with a picture of Frisco Jones circled. Anna questions Scribner at the hospital. Scribner knows nothing about Frisco but reveals that Levi’s real name is Peter Harrell. Felicia announces that Peter Harrell is also the name of her former fiancé.

They wonder if Harrell Sr. had a son. Levi leaves his cell phone behind and Lulu calls Dante. Levi returns and ends the call. Thankfully, it’s long enough for the PCPD to trace. By the end of the day, Dante and Nathan have the house surrounded.

In keeping with Luke’s request, Ava has poisoned Michael’s dessert. Just as Michael is about to take a bite, Ava learns that Luke hit on Kiki. Ava slaps the mousse out of Michael’s hand before he can eat it. Later, Julian arrives and is surprised that Michael isn’t dead. Ava explains what happened and that she vows to make Luke pay. She thinks that she can offer Luke something of greater value than Michael’s life- the recording implicating Sonny in AJ’s murder. Ava knows that her best means of obtaining the recording is Franco.

Britt and Liz continue to butt heads over Nikolas. Britt goes home to change for work where she finds Brad and Lucas who haven’t left the bedroom in two days. Nikolas shows up at Dante’s where he finds Liz babysitting Rocco. Nik admits that he almost did sleep with Britt but he still has feelings for her. Liz has had enough and rejects Nikolas for what seems to be the final time.

Across town, Carly invites Franco out to a surprise dinner to soothe his fears about Sonny. Their evening is cut short when they learn of Lulu’s kidnapping. Scott runs into Lucy at the police station and Lucy reminds Scott that he needs to make a choice between her and Bobbie. Meanwhile, Ned comforts Olivia. Tracy tries to reach Luke and when she can’t, Ned wonders if Lulu rates low on Luke’s list of priorities.

Meanwhile, Sam and Patrick drown their sorrows over beer and a game of pool. Things get interesting and there is a charged moment over their pool wager.

Things also heated up for Silas and Nina. Nina announces that she wants a baby. Silas is surprised by her request and they end up making love. Later, Nina informs Britt of her intention about having a baby. Britt breaks the news to Nina that she has already gone through early menopause.

Sabrina is intent on getting answers about the car accident. She visits Carlos and apologizes for blaming him for Gabriel’s accident. Carlos tells her that he thinks Ava is responsible.

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