GH Recap: The Past Collides With The Present: Week of August 4th

What an exciting week on General Hospital! Many familiar faces from the past! Let’s dive right in.

Sam & Patrick tour Crichton-Clark in search of information about Nina. Sam pretends to be Sabrina Santiago and tries to hack into the computer system. Meanwhile, Patrick runs into Robin!

He is rattled and angry. Robin tries to get Patrick to leave but Patrick storms into the restricted room and finds a frozen body. Robin claims that it is Starvos and that despite her best efforts to save him, Jason Morgan is dead. Patrick is angry that Robin is choosing to stay at the lab and wants a divorce. Victor is pleased that Robin got rid of Patrick by lying about Jason who is very much alive. We learn that Victor was also the person who forced Rafe to cause Patrick’s accident. Sam is busted breaking into Nina’s medical records and Patrick decides to not tell Sam what he learned about Jason.

Meanwhile, Britt finds Spencer and makes a plan to rescue him. At camp, Josslyn tells Cameron that Spencer is at her place. Liz finds Spencer and returns him to Nikolas running Britt’s heroic plan. Felix arrives at Lucas’s with wine and Knots Landing DVDs. Brad shows up and they argue. Lucas suggests a ménage a trois as a compromise. Across town, Jordan is questioned by Shawn about shooting Mickey and they end up in the throes of passion.

Julian finally admits to Alexis that he shot Mickey and is still in the mob. They have sex and then she breaks up with him.

The happiest news this week was when Alice found a heart donor. Alice had said her goodbyes and it seemed hopeless until Mickey Diamond’s sister, Selma, shows up and signs over Mickey’s heart over to Alice. It turns out that Selma was hired by Sonny to pose as Mickey’s sister. Speaking of Sonny, he and Carly kiss outside of the hospital with Nina watching.

Carly reminds Sonny that she is with Franco. Sonny thinks that she is lying to herself. Sonny and Morgan have an honest talk about Ava and make a little headway in their relationship.

Nathan has finally decided to tell Maxie how he feels only to find out from Mac that it is Maxie’s wedding day.


Felicia gives Maxie her Aztec ring for the ceremony. Mac goes to Maxie to tell her about Nathan’s feelings for her. 

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