GH Recap: Familiar Faces Return: Week of December 1st

Tracy is shocked and excited to see Luke. Before Lulu goes to hug him, Dante stops her and demands answers. He explains to Luke that he has been implicated in many crimes. Luke is shocked, and says that he hasn’t done any of those things. Alexis jumps in and explains that Luke has been locked up at Miscavige and that the Luke they’ve known for the last 6 months is an imposter.  Lulu realizes that the mask blueprint that Sam and Patrick found may be the answer to this mystery. She reveals that they know that Larry is in with Jerry Jacks. Larry runs away and hops into a waiting car.

Meanwhile, Obrecht is thrilled to see Faison. Faison claims that he knows Liesl is good for him and that Anna’s intentions for him were never good. Britt walks in and is disgusted. Just as Britt is about to get Nikolas, Obrecht holds Britt’s secret with Spencer over her head. Nikolas learns the truth and is livid over Britt’s involvement in Spencer’s disappearance. Nikolas tells Britt that he is done with her and is pressing charges. Spencer is heartbroken over Britt moving out.

Luke is furious that Larry is running around in a Luke mask and reveals that Julian was in on the charade. Dante and Anna set out to arrest Julian. They arrive and unmask Fluke and are shocked when it is Faison. Julian is in disbelief that this is the man who has been manipulating him. Dante and Anna arrest Faison and Julian. Later, Anna brings in Sam and Patrick who accuse Faison of killing Sam’s husband and Patrick’s son. Faison tells them that he had nothing to do with Patrick’s accident, which was caused by Victor Cassadine. He admits to shooting Jason and tells Sam that Jason didn’t die, but was revived at Crichton-Clark and Patrick knew. Sam asks Patrick if this is true and Patrick admits that it is. Sam gets very upset and wants to know why he didn’t tell her. Patrick told her that he had been sworn to secrecy and it could have jeopardized Jason’s life. Sam sends Patrick away and is grabbed from behind by Jason.

At the police station, Madeline comes across Faison and Obrecht. Madeline demands that Obrecht testify on her behalf at her trial or she will tell Nathan the truth about his father. Obrecht is later on the pier when she runs into Helena. Helena informs Obrecht that she shouldn’t worry; Faison will not be in jail for long. Obrecht is overcome with joy.

Across town, Franco tries to convince Nina to turn the baby in. Nina won’t give up. Franco grows more attached to the baby and finally agrees that they should all remain together. Meanwhile, Silas finds out that Ava killed Connie. He confronts Ava who begs Silas not to turn her in. Silas ultimately agrees to stay by her side.

Meanwhile, Jack leaves to look for a job and comes across Helena at the pier. Helena tells Jake that he is Jason Morgan and that Sam is his wife. Jake goes to be with Sam and his son but Helena stops him. She explains that he has been conditioned to obey her. She has a mission for him to bust Faison out of police custody. Jake gets Faison out and Obrecht urges Britt to come away with them.

The week ended with a familiar face coming back to Port Charles. Carlos finds Sonny and demands to know if it bothered Sonny that Carlos was taking the rap for him. Sonny insists that it did.  Later, Sonny crosses paths with his old enemy, Johnny Zacchara. Talk about a blast from the past!

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