GH Recap: 'Tis the Season for Scandal: Week of December 15th

GH Recap: 'Tis the Season for Scandal: Week of December 15th

Another exciting week on General Hospital! In Pentonville, Johnny tells Sonny that he is keeping Ric hostage until Sonny hands over his territories to the Jerome/Zacchara alliance.  Shawn brings Duke up to speed on Johnny and his alignment with Julian as well as Ric’s disappearance. Shawn intends to rescue Ric but is on a clock. Sonny has 24 hours to hand over his territories or his brother dies.

Meanwhile, Carlos tells Julian that a new family will be taking over the three families of Port Charles. If Julian wants to be a part of this new organization all he has to do is plead not guilty.  Realizing that he has no chance of being with Alexis anymore, Julian agrees.  

In jail, Ava and Nina are at each other’s throats. Ava still yearns to see her baby. Silas visits her, assuring her that the baby is ok. Sabrina arrives and apologizes for trying to hurt the baby. Ava admits it was her own fault being that she let Carlos believe she was responsible for the accident that killed Gabriel.

The day of Maxie’s Georgie visitation hearing has arrived. Nathan calls her from his hospital bed wishing her luck. Diane can’t make it so Alexis steps in. After the judge recounts the numerous times that Maxie has seen Nathan after he forbade contact, he denies her visitation rights.

Meanwhile, Obrecht explains to Nathan that Britt left town with Faison. Obrecht makes it clear that she is telling Nathan the story as her son, not as a detective. Across town, Spencer is still not speaking to Nikolas due to Britt’s departure. Nikolas manages to pry out of him that Britt left town with Faison. Nikolas confronts Helena who tells him that everything Nikolas has will disappear if he does not take his place as the family patriarch.

Across town, Liz confesses to Jake that Sam thinks he is the masked man. Jake denies it and claims he was job hunting. Liz believes him. Later, Jake confronts Sam about her suspicions, swearing that he was not the person who grabbed her. She doesn’t believe him. Liz shows up at Sam’s and warns her not to pursue her allegations about Jake. Sam questions Liz’s feelings for Jake and a catfight ensues. Liz threatens legal action if Sam doesn’t back off.

In other news, Olivia admits her feelings to Ned. Ned lets her down gently, saying that he and Alexis have history and he wants to see where his relationship with her will go. They share a sad goodbye.

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