GH Recap: Who's Kissing Who This New Year's Eve?: Week of December 29th

It’s almost New Year’s Eve in Port Charles! In their attempt to see each other, Maxie and Nathan end up stranded on separate coasts. Nathan arranges for another flight back to Port Charles and Maxie waits at the airport.

Patrick and Sam discuss what their kiss means. They agree to see where their relationship will go. Patrick asks Sam to spend New Year’s Eve with him and she agrees. 

Finally, New Year’s Eve arrives and the Metro Court is in full swing. Liz attends the party with Ric and Alexis arrives with Ned. At midnight, everyone celebrates the New Year with a kiss, including Olivia and Julian, Anna and Sloane and Carly and Jake!

Meanwhile, Dante and Lulu set up a romantic dinner for Maxie and Nathan. Nathan calls to tell Maxie about his flight delay but due to bad reception Maxie misunderstands and races to the airport. Meanwhile, Nathan takes a cab to Maxie’s. Maxie returns to an empty apartment and hears a knock on the door. She opens it to Nathan and they share a New Year’s kiss that leads to a magical night together.

The romance didn’t end with Maxie and Nathan. Patrick suggests that he and Sam spend the night together. Their plans are interrupted when their kids need them. Meanwhile, Carly tells Jake that she kissed him to spare him from seeing Ric kiss Liz.

Liz and Ric also spend the night together and share a moment when Liz returns his watch to him. Ric hints that a third marriage between them might be the charm.  Meanwhile, Ned is concerned that Olivia is involved with Julian and pulls her aside. At the same time, Alexis accuses Julian of kissing Olivia. Julian and Olivia get a room to initially irritate Ned and Alexis but end up having sex while Ned & Alexis are also having sex themselves.  

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