GH Recap: You Can Run But You Can't Hide: Week of December 8th

GH Recap: You Can Run But You Can't Hide: Week of December 8th

What a week on General Hospital! Sonny crosses paths with his old enemy Johnny Zacchara who has become powerful within the prison. Later, Carly visits Sonny in Pentonville. She wants to know who beat him up but Sonny keeps quiet. Sonny is more concerned about Ava’s baby. Carly informs Sonny that there are no new leads. Sonny shocks Carly by telling her that their relationship is over. 

Later, Johnny asks Sonny to cede to him what’s left of the Corinthos organization. Sonny refuses but Johnny has already put plans into motion.

Meanwhile, a masked Jake takes Sam hostage and uses her as a human shield as he attempts to take control of the police station. Jake shoots Nathan before gaining control of the van Faison is being transported in. Later, Dante reports that the van has been found but Jake and Faison are missing.

Obrecht and Britt prepare to leave town in Helena’s boat. Britt delivers the bad news to Spencer that she is leaving and gives him her engagement ring making him promise he will give it to someone special one day. Jake shows up with Faison who informs Obrecht of Nathan’s shooting. Obrecht is unable to leave Nathan behind and bids an emotional goodbye to Britt and Faison.

Nathan is raced to the ER where Obrecht insists on treating him. Maxie ignores the judge’s orders and sits by Nathan’s bedside. Jake returns home from his “job search.” He and Liz see the news report about Faison. The news also clears Ric’s name and Liz is devastated and blames herself for causing Ric to feel so hopeless. Jake comforts Liz.

Sam asks Spinelli to try to hack into the PCPD’s computer to get the security footage. She runs into Jake while waiting at the Metro Court. The security footage is sent over and Sam and Jake study it together.  Later, Sam confides in Liz that she has a hunch that Jake was the man behind the ski mask. Liz thinks that is ridiculous.

Later, Dante finds Franco with the baby and Franco flees drawing Dante away from Nina’s location. Dante arrests Franco while Silas finds Nina and gives the baby to Ava. Later, Ava is arrested. 

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