GH Recap: An Explosive Week in Port Charles: Week of February 2nd

GH Recap: An Explosive Week in Port Charles: Week of February 2nd

What an explosive week on General Hospital! Dante wakes up in the basement to find himself locked to a corpse with a bomb strapped to it. Not a fun way to wake up. Meanwhile, Jordan divulges what she knows about Fluke to Nathan. Nathan is unable to reach Dante and searches for him. The bomb is about to go off just as Nathan arrives to rescue Dante.

Nathan brings Dante to the ER. Dante wakes up and remembers his last conversation with Luke…that there is a bomb on the Haunted Star. Meanwhile, Jake admits to Sam that Helena ordered him to kill her and that there is a bomb on the Haunted Star that he planted.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Carlos cause Sonny & Julian to crash near a bridge. Franco runs off leaving Nina to Carlos. Johnny shoots Julian and is about to do the same to Sonny.  Carlos shoots Ava sending her over a bridge. In a surprising turn of events, Sonny tries to save Ava’s life. It does not turn out well.

Meanwhile, Franco bursts into Nina’s room and orders Heather to drop the syringe. Franco and Nina share a tender reunion. Nina worries that she is going to lose Franco. To make sure that doesn’t happen, Franco injects himself with the LSD so that he too will be admitted into Shadybrook. A love story as old as time.

On the Haunted Star, Fluke toasts to the clinic’s success. Unaware of the bomb, the guests mingle. Elizabeth, realizes there is a bomb and calls Nathan. Lucas raises the alarm and Michael realizes that the bomb is about to explode. Michael grabs the bomb and makes a run for it. Sonny intercepts and grabs the bomb out of Michael’s hands jumping into the water.

Nathan and Agent Sloane find Sony’s body and Carly performs mouth-to mouth. Sonny wakes up in the hospital surrounded by family and friends. Michael visits Sonny and thanks him for his heroism. The governor arrives and thanks Sonny for saving his daughters life…and then grants Sonny a pardon.

Later, Nathan seeks his mother’s helping identifying the bones that were salvaged from the Spencer house explosion. While Obrecht works on that, Nathan works on Fluke’s fingerprints. Nathan finds a match in the system for Fluke’s prints…Luke. 

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