GH Recap: Disaster Strikes Port Charles: Week of February 23rd

GH Recap: Disaster Strikes Port Charles: Week of February 23rd

Spinelli’s arrival continues to rock Maxie’s world. Maxie is stunned when she walks in on Spinelli spilling his heart out to Nathan. Nathan asks Maxie if she returns Spinelli’s feelings and she hesitates. She then quickly denies any feelings but Nathan tells her to think about which one of them she wants. Later, Maxie tells Spinelli to leave her house and stay somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Jake wakes up and does not remember who he is. Sam visits Jake asking him what he meant when he said “there was only one ring.” Jake cannot remember.

Later, Spencer’s birthday party begins. After his grand entrance, Cameron and Emma argue about Spencer and Josslyn. Cameron leaves Emma for Josslyn and Emma is devastated. Spencer saves the day with a waltz. A fire breaks out that was accidentally set by Cameron. They quickly make a run for it but Spencer goes back for his boxing robe. He becomes trapped and Nikolas runs in to save his son. Now they are both trapped until Patrick saves the day with a fire extinguisher.

Nikolas rushes Spencer to the ER where Lucas saves his life. Spencer has suffered severe burns. It is advised to have Spencer transferred to the Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston, which specializes in pediatric burns.

At Kelly’s, Olivia asks Ned what he was thinking when he told Alexis and Julian that he’s the father of her baby. Ned tells her that he intends to stand by her. Olivia is grateful for his support. Meanwhile, after a night of passion, Alexis admits to Julian that she’s thinking about Ned and Olivia. She has her suspicions about who the baby’s father really is.

Bobbie informs Lulu and Tracy that she was unable to track down Pat. Lulu and Tracy think it’s time that Bobbie tells them why Pat is estranged from the family. Bobbie isn’t completely sure. They decide to hire a PI to track down Patricia.

Avery’s custody hearing is about to begin. The judge asks Michael to tell the court why he believes he’d make a better guardian than Sonny. Michael talks about Sonny’s violent history and his track record with his children. Later, Nina causes a scene when she spots Avery and claims the little girl is hers. Nathan returns Nina to Shadybrook where she tells Franco she faked the episode to remain by his side. Franco then tells Nina that he’s been faking being crazy to by her side as well. Love sweet love.

As if this week wasn’t shocking enough, Ava is alive and hiding in a hospital tended to by Silas. She survived the fall from the bridge and called Silas for help. He’s been caring for her ever since. Across town, Kiki is planning Ava’s funeral.  

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