GH Recap: What Couples Will Survive Valentine's Day?: Week of February 9th

GH Recap: What Couples Will Survive Valentine's Day?: Week of February 9th

Its Valentine’s Day week in Port Charles! Candy hearts for some, broken hearts for others. Let’s start from the beginning.

Kiki informs Morgan that Ava is presumed dead.  Sonny arrives and meets Avery for the first time. Soon it becomes clear that Sonny intends on taking custody of Avery. When Sonny leaves, Kiki is upset that Sonny is going to take Avery away.

After the governor grants Sonny a full Pardon, Michael is furious. Carly points out that Sonny tried to refuse the pardon but Michael storms off vowing revenge.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Lulu are still shocked that Luke has been working with Helena Cassadine. Tracy is convinced that Helena has Luke under some kind of mind control. Helena tells Tracy that is she’s to undo her spell on Luke, she wants full immunity in return.

Nina sneaks into Franco’s room to see how he is recovering from his LSD overdose. Take a look for yourself…not so well.

Meanwhile, Nathan is searching for Carlos and Johnny. He finds Carlos at Sabrina’s apartment but is unaware that Johnny is at Maxie’s. Maxie helps Johnny flee town by giving him the keys to her car and the cash in her wallet. Later, Maxie comes clean with what she did to Nathan. Nathan is livid and leaves her high and dry on Valentine’s Day.

Across town, Liz shows up to visit Jake in jail and asks him if he attacked Sam. Jake tells her that Helena Cassadine put him up to it. Liz tells him that Helena did something very similar to Lucky. Later, Ric represents Jake at his arraignment and asks him to plead guilty. Jake agrees but ends up pleading not guilty. Liz witnesses this and confronts Ric on his intentions. Ric tries to explain his side but Liz walks out on him.

The week wrapped up with a surprise visit from Spinelli! Nathan is grilled by a DA about Maxie’s role in Johnny’s role in Johnny’s escape. He covers for Maxie and wonders how he should feel about her. Meanwhile, Spinelli and Georgie arrive to visit Maxie. Spinelli drops a huge bombshell. Ellie dumped him because she thought he was still in love with Maxie. Meanwhile, Alexis admits to Julian that she is not over him. Later, Ned goes just to see Olivia just as she receives the news that she is pregnant! 

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