GH Recap: Valerie's Life is in Grave Danger: Week of January 11th

GH Recap: Valerie's Life is in Grave Danger: Week of January 11th

Another exciting week on GH! Let's dive right in. Liz and Jason realize someone broke in the house and smashed the family photo.  They immediately check on Jake who's shaken when he hears of the incident.  Jason searches the house, but there's no one there and nothing else is disturbed. They call the police who are going to send a CSI team out to investigate. After the police go, Jason insists that Liz and the boys can't stay here tonight.  Liz protests, but he won't hear of it.  He's going to take care of them.  He's certain this incident and the one on NYE are related. Someone is trying to scare them.

Meanwhile, Sam’s moves out of her mom's house when Alexis gets a call from Diane asking her to take over Jason's case. Alexis agrees. Sam goes over the facts with her - unable to believe that no one else witnessed the fight.  Sam goes to the MC. Carly says that the police already interviewed everyone who was here.  Sam wonders who was staying in the room across from the terrace. Carly looks it up.  She knows who it was, and he had every reason not to talk to the cops.

Later, Hayden proposes to Nik, pointing out that he could better shelter ELQ if half of it were in her name. Nik doesn't want to get married under these conditions - as a convenience. She points out that they do have feelings for each other. Nik agrees, but shuts her down, wants their relationship to develop the right way. He urges her not to worry about ELQ. He's going to put Jason in prison, plus his lawyers will land on a way for him to keep ELQ.

Later, Sonny gives sound advice to Michael, which makes him regret letting Sabrina go.

Felix gives him a letter Sabrina left for him. Meanwhile, Sabrina goes to the pier where she spies Carlos in secret conference with Paul. After Paul’s departure, Sabrina confronts Carlos. Carlos lies about his connection to Paul and begs Sabrina to leave with him. Michael reads Sabrina’s goodbye letter as she decides to leave with Carlos.

Alexis and Julian arrive at the Metro Court to find everyone engrossed in Crimson's Green Issue.  Julian's upset; it's detrimental that the magazines fail.  He owes back taxes, needs the savings the magazine's failure would bring him. The IRS is all over him; he's afraid he's going to be brought down on tax evasion - like Al Capone.  Alexis, though, has Olivia on her mind, wondering why Olivia seemed so thrown about their engagement. Julian suggests she not over-think it - but Olivia's arrival gives the lie to that advice.  When Julian thinks they should have their engagement party at this restaurant, Alexis begs to differ.  She wants to skip the engagement party and go straight to the wedding.

Across town, Lulu tells Johnny to finish the job with Valerie and then leave town. Later, Valerie happens on Johnny, who feigns car trouble. Valerie offers Johnny a ride. He discovers she has a police scanner in her car. When a BOLO (be on the look out) comes in about Johnny, she realizes he's her passenger. They play cat and mouse, neither letting on what the other knows. When she drops him off, she starts to call the police -- but Johnny stops her. He grabs her phone and tosses it away, telling her she made a big mistake.


Johnny’s takes Valerie to a cabin while Laura confronts Lulu…and Dante and Nathan realize Dillon knows more than he is saying.  Johnny becomes more alarmed and leaves Lulu a message…and in his departure, he leaves Valerie, who struggles and knocks over a candle, starting a fire and is now in great danger.  Meanwhile, the incriminating photos of Johnny and Lulu appear at the police station and Dante puts together Lulu’s involvement with Johnny. 


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