GH Recap: A Corrupt Mayoral Election Stuns Port Charles: Week of January 12th

GH Recap: A Corrupt Mayoral Election Stuns Port Charles: Week of January 12th

What an action packed week on GH! Let’s jump right in with Sonny. Julian fills Sonny in on Luke Spencer. Sonny is very confused thinking that it must be Faison. Julian claims that Faison was just a smokescreen and that the person Julian is working for seems to actually have Luke’s face.

Meanwhile, Fluke is harassing Luke with a baseball bat. Michael hears a noise in the basement and goes to check it out. Before Michael can discover Luke, Fluke emerges. Michael explains that he wants to turn the house into a clinic. Fluke is reluctant but Bobbie points out that Bill Eckert is the home’s owner.

At the hospital, Sam explains to Carly that she believes Jake is working for Helena Cassadine. Carly scoffs at Sam but admits that Jake did have memories of grabbing Sam. Meanwhile, Jake is secretly meeting with Helena who tells him that he needs to kill Sam.

Later, Sam and Patrick are having a romantic moment and head upstairs to the bedroom…just as Jake enters the house!

This week we took a step back in time! Mayoral candidates Felicia Scorpio and incumbent mayor Janice Lomax have been entrenched in the contested election. The recount determines that it is a tie. However, the ballots from the polling place have not been counted and since election night, the ballot box has been missing.  It turns out that Spencer took the box back to Wyndemere after watching Jordan and Shawn throw it off the pier. With the ballot box recovered, the votes are counted and Janice Lomax is declared the winner. Felicia is devastated. Lomax announces her first act as reelected mayor: she fires Anna and appoints Agent Sloane as Port Charles’s new commissioner.  Later we learn that Felecia really won but Lomax and Sloane rigged the election, but not without the help of Nikolas Cassadine! 

Maxie is upset about her mother’s loss to Lomax. After some consoling from Nathan they agree that he should move out to accommodate Georgie’s impending visit. In other news, Michael hires Rosalie as his assistant at ELQ. Michael shows her around the Spencer house. While Michael is distracted, Rosalie calls Helena with the news that she has been hired to ELQ.  Meanwhile, Johnny tells Lulu that he repurchased his share of the Haunted star hoping to rekindle the business partnership they once had. Dante walks in and rips into Johnny demanding that Lulu should sell Johnny her half of the Haunted Star. 

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